it seems when it comes to hope

every time I've tried to somehow rearrange

it comes back on me some ten fold

and almost angrily

how so humorlessly strange

I'm not one of any bad seed or sort

just quick with a come back , rejoinder

or slicing retort

I'm not much fun

unless I can quite easily say that I've won

self esteems confusable cause

the cause of saving one's face

never mind belligerence verses mortal disgrace

when it comes to the not so mighty me

I believe I'll stay just where I am

one step ahead of the moment

just where I was intended to be

'Unabashedly Cranky'

that's me

one patten on human behavior in the form of

a hick-i-fied nut shell...................

(July 28, 1994 pm)

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