along ledges of loss and loneliness

where only the true angle is concerned

beasts of one's thoughts claw their provider

while at another's disregarding hands they

are simultaneously burned

brash comments made out of context from an old

friar's failing folklore get today all too

randomly thrown out

pray tell, even the most primitive of ancient minds

have many ways of finding out

there is a most clever satirist among us

Charlton spoke up to rebelliously proclaim

but I will not play mystic nor martyr by giving

you (the crowd) his betrayer's name

our supposed peers have a truly most disconcerting

way of making even a Prince come to fully doubt

himself in the end

yet, I will gladly bet that even in the darkest of

all the ages that, that was a very popular trend

Atilla The Hun to such right would swear until

death to defend

Never mind the bloody likes of Gunga Din!

'Ugg' is a bad food gatherer

so let us cast him from our tribe

alienation is a horrid circumstance

(even in 1200 BC)

one to which no actual sane person would readily


just hand me over a pen and any baffled yet

frivolous billionaire

and the law will be written (and passed)

while I and all the numerous other fellow

underdogs of the world do so solemnly swear

that we will give just as good as we get even

if not more so

and both barrels will always be loaded, aimed,

ready and waiting for someone to so much as toe

across the line or simply dare

this will be law and on every man its limbs would


I've written my life to absolute shreds through

twelve books of super self serving yet thoroughly

free therapy

underdogs throughout the world please

I ask that you trust me

I am self admittedly a rather quaint sort of

person yes

but where I get this shower showman's talent

to just oh so subtly uncover is at best

a sorely acquired gift under no contest............

(Aug. 14, 1994 pm)

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