the poet talks down to the shadow of the writer

while unfairness only brings out the beast in

the pen

so the time has come to rifle out the perversity

of the plighter

plots play big parts in this ego's game and sometimes


the writing of the words at times can be easier

than the mere penning of one's name

after all blame shares in the unequivocal uniqueness

of unfathomable shame

the reoccurring shame of keeping it all to yourself

and not relinquishing it to the custody of the page

all the love, anger, passion, disappointment and

overindulged rage

why this very ink is the clever key that runs to

unlock my own sort of cage

the close guardian of my sanity one might even say

but also the proud loader of the gage

now, try and fathom that my darling page

but note, you never will

not in any form , shape or way..................

(July 24, 1994)

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