a horse among men

in his pure and mighty

graceful stead

a hope filled trader

of grace in gallant disguise

so his innocuous motive can

not so easily be read

while with his scorching repair

of ruse strapped heavily at his side

he protects yet unknowingly terrifies

all he acquaints himself with to serve

as to a supremely higher authority he

solely chooses to abide

a true hunter of lost souls on the trail

of all foul deeds

serving out his self imposed sentence in

life for which his true purpose concedes

long ago learned verses of the treasured

good book still strain his severely

concentrated mind

keeping his spirit to the right of center

a path filled by the eyes of sign

one must wisely not let him be on his way

if in your town if he so chooses to touch


instead, give him shelter, acceptance,

conversation and open your mind & heart

to the gentle possibility of an indeed

far off and better place

but do not let appearances be deceiving

in your judgment of good and bad

shove forth in your personal journey and

somehow try to disengage yourself from what

can only be physically had.................

(May 15, 1994 am)

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