preferential treatment has always

just turned me to my side

I suppose it has something of a lot

to do with one's own personal pride

I was never one to stand back as

others choose to decide

nor on the coat tails of the proposed

leader did I let any of my original ideas


I say stand up and be fully counted for

what it is that you achieve

and if something in you is lost

even just a small fragment

for it you must grieve

my soft, tender heart often trips over

many a carefully arranged vine

while some would say I've skipped through


actually for it, I've secretly pined

as a bored young child I was able to wildly

imagine only to much later write down

what I could mentally create

the pen is my fast and faithful friend

a wise guarder of my fate

the tears I have so easily shed could create

a blanket and nearly drown everyone

my fragile feelings are securely stitched from


something that could never be undone

I lay all my supposed yet gradual talent on the

child I arrived in the late 60's to be

the 70's, my formative years are quite telling

of me you see

a frenzied free spirit I am

but housed gently in her own home made cage

why under the astrological sign of the

Sagittarius I had to have been born

since I am a most creative confidant as well

as councilor and sage

hence this is why I love just about everyone

I suppose

now onto 'Another Page'

so nothing, well here goes...................

(July 6,1994 pm)

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