he never said a word but it is written that

he had indeed spoken

which if it were the truth it would also

be a sheltered lie

by silent agreement or token

but why?

perhaps, because his supposed speech

was watered down like that of dead grass

during a harsh rain storm

or maybe the memory doesn't serve all that were

involved all too correctly any more

there for

its believability is over all way too shorn

scattered over time to argue the precise

accuracy of the old news reels

if only someone personally involved could step

forth now to aid in pointing out the exact


open wounds might likely somehow soon heal

and let he who took the wrathful blame back then

be able to now even if dead

stand full, proudly a man

surely this, we all could easily come to understand

but somehow I seriously doubt if that will ever


nor if it was ever even part of the long term in the


but the true question is;

could he forgive me and mine though?

sure he can

for that's just one of his many ways

look toward the gold of tomorrow beyond

the rust of the previously dark and unforgettable


(Aug. 2, 1994 pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

asking forgiveness of someone.

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