must I, my solemn self repeat

out of the mouth of pride

there comes a crooked smile so so genuine

and deep

so much so that lines form at all angles

of the face

and so much can be read of a person in such

a said case

as time inspires this quick and agile writer's

once young hand

stepping up to the moment

I fully believe in what it is for which I

soundly stand

why, I am the ostrich who never placed her head

in the sand

ah, inspiration is indeed quite grand

where are the tools for which writers trade

their spades

and who other than the Lord is there to catch

the faller when creativity burns away or

merely fades

the well seems endless

I am never for long at an idea's loss

for every pattern even in poetry is revealed

to the cloth

meaning; the writing mind knows her thoughts

and just where they lay

and she comes to them when it is indeed time

for their arisen day

so writer's block does not exist for me

for I believe in my mind and that she will

lead me to just what it is I need to see


(July 7, 1994 pm)

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