As we get older

daddy's poems

As we get older

I know I’m a

Little late on

Writing you a

Birthday poem I’m

Sorry I’m in slow motion

Lately. but I hope you know

I’ll never forget my daddy’s birthday!

I maybe be a late but I didn’t

Forget your birthday is

The most important thing.

As the years pass I know

You have days where you

Feel like you just don’t

Know how much longer

Your body can go on.

But I feel honored

And blessed god has

Given me 64th years

With you and I hope

By god’s grace I’ll

Get to have 64 more years

With you! When

Somebody your age

Has birthday you all

Say I don’t want anymore

Birthdays but you the truth

Nobody no matter their age nobody

Needs to ever say such things

Every year you have a

Birthday or holiday

With those you love

Or talk to them

On the phone be grateful

For every second of your life

God can take your life from

You as easy as he gave it to you

I love you daddy  hugs, kisses

Blessings and wishes to you

Dec 11th 2007

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