with half a hope

and part of a prayer

I pocket my hungry pen

and solemnly swear

that I will not so soon write

about this very moment

but wait until a single year

has seen fit to pass it

and now , so it has

to you my love.........

to you, my love I honestly give

all of which for I so faithfully live

a treasured promise abused only once

by a nearly indifferent heart

and to think now it will forever with

me remain a sad but so necessary part

though what we once so joyously had

so quickly grew to be small

I can forget not the true essence

of its original expectation that

mutually arose in each our very being

to enthrall

I say, 'Not Goodbye' to you

my still so spirited long ago mate

but good luck

for this isn't the end

only the beginning of our future

journeys apart

as somewhere there in lies the trite

trappings society likes to call fate...........

(May 14, 1994 am)

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