lying quietly in the row

filled with solitude, mayhem and woe

while all too many others simply do not know

suppressed variations in a multitude of grief

fill a mind placed on this earth

submerged in a life so violent and now brief

desperation and doubt put an almost permanent

choke hold on the truth

until it can not be found out

sorely screwed is my so called youth

and mother will never know

as death looms

the alienation continues to fearfully grow

engulfing the damned (which is me)

in what I doubtlessly deserve

a temporarily permanent sentenced seat

on the long line of death row

I suppose IT I will likely have to serve

or go to the big chair

who but me could really care

locked in a cold cell block that back at me

eyelessly stares

alone, just the two of us

I finally break down and cry

Truly who really am I?..................

(May 5, 1994)

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