we used to play as kids with

'The Goats In Grom's Fields'

Wiley as they were

several were boys but only one was a girl

we named her Bethany

though today I certainly couldn't say why

except that then it was such a pretty name

and she was kind of defiant while shy

I sometimes wonder even to this day where all

those uninterested play mates are

did they all simply pass away

or have they merely just wondered off and a far

well if so, I bet old Bethany, that little brown


is still bossing all that's left of them around

and being quite the lovely little pain in the

a_ _

well, anyway you know what I mean

I miss you even today funny little goats

and every time I pass an open meadow or

yellowed grainy fields

I remember all of you and my fate is sealed

by linking the woman I am today to that dirty

little six year old who once with you

dearly loved to run and play.................

(July 27, 194 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a composite of some childhood memories.

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