windows wide open to the dim stillness of the past

memories everyone has shot so to somehow hopefully

make them last

places labeled visited and children called mine

the home my husband Jonathan and I share now

verses the family home when I was nine

my loving mother when she was younger and sisters


Grandma coming over at Thanksgiving to help with


The Christmas Cindy had the flu

the countable months when I was spirited and oh

so thin

and long, long legs in short, short skirts

had quite fashionably come back in again

with a splash of foundation upon my grinning

face and a light coral dusting upon my lips

along side a ring for every finger

with polish upon their finely cut tips

how in my melancholy mind many of these very

memories still so lovingly linger

as a light quiver touches my tender heart and

it grips

as old dates I've had compete with the man

I did fall in love with and marry

in the end of course they lose

but these two numerous captions of what I call

my life through all time

them, I will with me carry......................

(Aug. 10, 1994)

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