its hard to explain

its the perfect beauty found

in soft, warm falling rain

its Lilacs growing wild in a vast farmer's

freshly cut field

or perhaps the soft, trusting look found so

uniquely on a small puppy's upturned face

and the smell of fresh Florida oranges just peeled

and in knowing that only the truest sentimental mind

can take one back to such a sublimely serene place

these very mesmerizing images around me in my head

seem to constantly play chase

as away rides even the most abusive of all blues

of numerous yesterdays gone by so sadly misused

the young children I should have smiled at or

cheerfully hugged

the deeper feelings I foolishly allowed myself

to hide

the times I could have so easily laughed and loved

but often instead only cried

yet, now belief with her, brings an awe inspiring


happiness yet flawed over even the littlest of things

for love is in its most natural form of bloom

ah, the sweet and simple ceremony of embraced


come now, bring forth to me

without dither your newly chosen groom

and I will wed thee to a blushing bride aptly enough

named Chance

and the so very precious petals of life itself

will not whither away so soon.............

(Dec. 12, 1994)

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