Black and blue

The sky changes hue

And the glow of Venus dims

Milky Way

Is not what it was

When I was a little boy

Is it dawn?

A reminiscent

Of my incomplete vigil?

Madhu jee*

Eternal beauty

And time is once again still

And Daphne*

A lustrous flower

With an eternal aura

Day begins

Yes, another day

To remind me who I am

But for you

O dear father

Life would have been so different

Winter wind

Snaps something inside

Like the dry branch of a tree

Tears abound

But they will not fall

To wet the jaded collar

Love and hate

Are still in my fate

As long as this season lasts

Till Spring comes

I have to see stars

To imagine I am alive

Shadows form

As the sunlight comes

Brightness unveils horizons


And Madhubala

Will remind me of beauty

While Daphne

Will never vanish

From this heart and mind of mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

* Madhu jee; Madhubala, the most beautiful actress of the Indian silver-screen.
*Daphne: Childhood friend and classmate -unforgettable!
*Madhuban: The famous mythological forest of honey in India
Composed on the 15th of December 2007 in Karachi, outside the office while watching night giving way to day.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

This poem could make even a stone cry! Could you chop up your sad heart into any tinier bits and serve it up as your soup de la poem for your readers? I somehow don't think so! My eyes stung as I read this to its close. Then you send a poisonous arrow right through my already aching heart as my poor lungs are trying to breath normally again with the author's comments, me imagining that sad, lone figure outside his office at dusk silently penning all his pain to the page. Care to make a wager? I bet by the end of your life, the bulk of your fan following will be for the most part women. Women whose hearts you unknowingly captured as you wove your web of grief, as you attempted to write out all your pain, anger, emptiness and disbelief at the cold indifference that seems to envelope the whole of the world. You Sir Poet are a shameless heart thief. I'm calling you out for what you are! Well, let me amend that....for what you were! as I notice happier poems in your poetic coffers. Likely a ploy to capture some of the less fretful sort of female hearts eh? Well, do Be on your ball point pen Sir Poet as I'm watching you!...............laughs heartily you know who! why type it?