you ask for my soft quaint heart

but only with the slightest dab of disdain

cheerful, sunny Mondays are a myth

this to me, you constantly complain

then of course, the weather is my fault

you claim I am the one who is crazy

where as you are merely just a little insane

I say more so lazy

you wail foul when I happen to come in just a

tad too late

yet, only raise one extremely bushy eyebrow of

fraud when I step in the door minutes passed the

evening news

for this too makes you irate

where as me it only continues to amuse

while of course the endless violence in today's

society as shown on the television is my fault


either because I was too late or too early

but in this

only you are allowed to choose

you scamper, though of course fully clothed into

another poor unsuspecting other's yet to be

discovered bed

cutting the very throat of your own previously

fabricated story when you yet again miss repeat

what you've before said

and of course it was me who completely misunderstood

what you originally said to begin with

so in turn your initial thoughts for hopeful

infidelity is my fault as well

leaving me to wonder what future lies you will

carefully concoct just to tell

so perhaps

my staying is my personal way of getting back

but I do not know whether it is at you or myself

I suppose that too is your sole choice

Too bad!.........................

(Oct. 30, 1994 pm)

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