in a field of uncomplicated madness

all witnesses bare fright

to scattered margins of improbability and

errors in fated night

the tide of chilled inertia churns out yet

another unsoothable burn

as spirit to frenzy takes a spin to the last

of its turn

centuries demand that the eyes call back their

previous modes of foul play

and herds of envy, hunger and revenge step

solemnly aside to quietly make way

for new self industry to emerge

and bill its pitied off spring yet to be

even born

so as the pen continues to flow

the page softly grows worn

and what once was agility

now cries pitiless tears

to the old woman standing before an uncaring

mirror facing her bitter latter years

spring to life a prideful heart that beats

still willful yet young

sing for, in me she cries , one last life song

that has yet to be be sung


A Muse Undone'...............................

(July 2, 1994 am)

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