ROUGH MUMBLINGS (Saddam Hussein)


its a fine missing of the day

and not the point

so to speak

though, only of course

he said with such laid back yet quirky


warming up all the previously only lukewarm

passions that this wanna-be writer possessed

consider it a water dance he continued

only with a cup of freshly poured ice

over yet another collective head

aimed only toward total insanity

another one of those Hitler like versions of

refined publicity romance

but a truly rough petting of his public at


unquestionably a frilly, sissified way to

pollute an alternative form of the truth

and reality's only left means of possible

retribution is to close down that miss established

establishment of a third world pop stand

selling nothing but second rate war machines

and purely pathetic propaganda brochures

cut off those overly offensive nuts at the

center of their so called society

hang the pseudo-general-president-coward that

they have the idiot notion to call their leader

let him swing from the highest cactus tree ,

plant or whatever the hell it is that they call

it in that country

who cares besides the U N Relief trucks

they're a blood thirsty lot

the all of them

but I do admit their women and innocent children

do deserve better

even if they don't realize it yet

so continue to send food and medicines

but also shove ticked off nuclear weapons

inspectors over there who want to really get

their hands on all that dirty, hard evidence.........

(May 12, 1994)

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