spare me no mile

even as you attempt to walk in my weathered shoes

ask no recourse for denial

and any wish for you I would not likely refuse

seeds of a savage season

blow all about me in the thick muggy night air

I turn toward what I pray is even mild reason

only to find not even a speck of it still left


just an empty, lifeless space

in a quiet and desolate place

where, used to stand stability

that I once so heavily relied upon

as all that I've loved

has now to the back of 'no more' been shoved

only to forever be written down as gone

where beautiful glory lies

sits her old black sheep brother


in a mind set of pure, disrespected hate

he cordially chokes himself on a most foul


and does so as he dies

so, now 'tis too late

for he never left room for reprise

and now, I can honestly say

poor, poor 'Misbehaved Demise!'...........

(July 6, 1994 pm)

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