Damp and dull,

Depressing weather,

Even though the T.V's on.

Where to go?

Where are all my friends?

What's wrong O dejected heart?

Doors, windows,

Closed, and the curtains,

Are drawn over tainted rooms.


Everything is black,

Power failure adds to gloom.

I seek souls,

Who can understand,

What brightens up cold winters.

Cups of tea,

And some cheerful talk -

- But muezzins don't agree:

"Come to mosques",

The azaans are loud,

Let me warm myself awhile...

Let me drift,

Into dreamy worlds,

Where nobody fears Hell-fire.

There's no love,

In the hearts of some

Women -- they are feelingless.

They want guys,

Who can chat and flirt,

Take them on a shopping spree.


And the World Wide Web,

And dancing to drugged music...

Arm in arm,

They seek pleasure and

Instant gratification.

Old fashioned,

I can't satisfy,

Their ultra-modern cravings.

Let me be,

O my wounded heart,

This is not what the soul needs.

Let me be,

Wrapped in a blanket,

Hidden from a dreary world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the afternoon of December the 15th in Karachi...wishing for some friends to while away the stretching the hotel room.

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