gentle spitfire with your spitfire's spade

round off non sense and reason to tell me

what you've made

judgment's past perform frenzy on the

youth filled crowd

hatred runs a muck

why I can hear it chanted a loud

prevalent sources shuck their transparent posts

and browbeat the crowd into heckling their hosts

what fit disturbs these unwisely weathered

soldiers of self made domesticated war

and why do their young angry faces seem so set

and shallow

do they really know just what degree of violence

that they've bore

race equates pride in every culture to date

so why then must we inoculate each source with

repeated shots of destruction and hate

this polluted society will only continue to

disease one thousand and one after another

at this current pace

so much so that a black man, an Asian, a Hispanic

or white will not recognize anyone as a brother

let alone define his original race

so, why don't you just stop what you are doing

for blood shed shouldn't be what its all about

rethink your strategy, self education and mutual

respect are two viable ways out

death of course is another

unwise but there for each of us all the same..........

(Aug. 2, 1994 pm)

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