a frame of entrapment, rough draft

as he looks at his picture,

he forgets the man he used to be,

like a dream thats fading,

with every passing moment,

forgeting the peace in which surronded this image,

wondering who he was,

wishing he could get to know this person,

to learn the ways in which once were real,

but its not possible,

as this person is just an image,

a reflection, of what once was and what may never be.

longing for a better way,

fearing the entrapment of a new photograph,

never being able to esape the barrier,

that surrounds this picture,

like a frame,

forever keeping what is real frm reality,

stuck in an abyss where no light can penetrate,

nor darkness escape,

this person moving farther and farther away,

until all that left,

is the empty shell of a new frame to be filled,

with an image of a soul,grotesquly contorted ,

to a frozen depiction of what once was,

happieness can only be found,

in the rememberence of the image,

forever, trapt in the shell of its frame.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

what it feels like to loose youyrself, still being able to remember who you were, just not able to learn to be that person once more

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