keeping in thought with silent purpose and prayer

simplicity is the key to simply not being there

there's no greater force than life's own natural


I see man as a divided reason and not so much

as an excuse

alternating surprises gather fools as willful as

they may

surrounding all potential with suppressed

possibilities under at best a most scrutinized


to be certain one must mark tomorrow by the

greediness of her hands

one must put her in her supposed place by

turning over the dirty side of the blanket

and smothering her demands

love thy farthest brother

be he black, Asian, Hispanic or white

wake unto challenge today by not misusing

her counterpart the night

so little actually gets learned in a world

so full of easy lessons but truly a lot can

be accomplished by a little prayer and


maybe the Catholics have something with

their priests and confession booths

to air one's even most minute of sins

Heaven is closer to all of us

closer than we think and the believing

alone just may be the latch that lifts

to let you in

I don't wish to preach to my fellow man

after all, I'm hardly a minister with a

minister's Lilly white hands

but I like to think that I know God and if

you put your faith and trust in him

for you, he will come through

because you see, it has a lot to do with

love and knowledge

two eternal and internal gifts he generously

gave to all man kind

including me and you......................

(July 14, 1994 pm)

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