Hyacinth garden

sadly ahead of

any encounter,

in my most breakable attempt are occurrences

someplace i have never seen,

to a place i have never been

your voice has its maddening hush

which plagues me,

i cannot see because my past blinds me

your slightest appearance would resurrect me

however, i am a barren frozen zone,

deep in cautiously but universally sliding

like a glacier.


you always blossom,

always the corolla of a flower

I haggle with myself as fall closes in on winter

affecting adroitly,


I lost your summer heat

suppose you wished to support me,


my years would close very beautifully,


as when the core of this exhibit dreams

i do not know why it is that you rise and set

nothing perceives in this land.


something in me knows,

the laughter of your eyes is echoing more than all the roar of the sea.

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Very evocative, compelling

Very evocative, compelling piece.