meandering thoughts go on

meddle while you play

say not what you have

but just what you have to say

where is my heart dear one?

free, in love so lovingly warm

just where do I start?

if I am indeed not done

why at the start of the hooded


he ascended unto my world in a

mystical flutter of clearly

uncomplicated merry

the essence of my unassuming self

was captured by such feelings

so positive yet scary

he brought into my being

breath that had never breathed quite

so well nor so strongly before

he possessed not just one but many

intricate keys that could open fully

my complex heart's stubborn door

at the last of the line

he shone forth like a proudly silent


and taught me that I was truly meant

to be what we together only are

happiness personified with no rigid

bluff to fight for nor recall

a couple drawn to mark by two lonely

yet hopeful hearts in an instant so big

yet utterly small

a love's lifetime generous gift to true

believers of each his own worthwhile potential

one heart's perfection outlined in its

significant other's blinded eyes

oh, how indeed mutual trust is most essential

just one piece of advice

always remember the answers while you are

forgetting all the unimportant whys

for we as one are still in some ways two

and so 'do unto others' still somehow applies

as you of course would have done unto you.........

(July 5, 1994 pm)

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