Cowboy & Midnight

two lack luster wanna be rebels

a little off to the right

never knew their last names

but knew a lot of fine, willing

young dames

but only in their dreams mind you

for old Cowboy & Midnight were not

really a dangerous nor good looking


though one I suppose could quite

easily say

they each had his own if not any

other 's sort of way

as real as dusters in dirt

for no true nor hopeful paramour ever

got hurt

just Cowboy & Midnight in their

lecherous grins at any passing by

flirty skirt

but they were if anything nearly as

infectious as lustfully alert

hats off boys to fine Mr. Cowboy and

rangy side kick Sir. Midnight

for not many bar fly fellows like they

are still somewhere about to make mild

joke of nor passive blight.............

(June 8, 1994 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a parody of the many wanna be Romeos I use to see out in the bars. Bar Flies we called those guys.

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