Listening with heart

Perfectly Ordinary, this scene of life
Grass and leaves weaving
The moon on the rise

Automaton lungs breathing in
breathing out
As the pen in my hand pours words
like water from a spout
I don't doubt that this world
is uniquely a dream
Recently, I don't doubt much anything
What is there to doubt?

Everything is moving as it always is
yet what makes it seem real
is far from abyss

Subtle breezes greet my ear
Roaring over multiple ambiances
quite near

Water trinkles, voices bloom, the sun tickles, the evening gloom
Seeking love
being kind
oh how it seems......so hard to find
but when I stop
and as I sit
Only then......I see
what I have missed
Always here....Never gone
Awareness now, and forever on.

Loving what is is loving "I".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I felt deeply moved while writing this, and I how you feel moved while reading it.

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