Spinning In Circles

When I lie in bed at night, I come up with all of the thoughtful phrases.

I stay in place, promising I will remember them when I awake.

But here I am, with no useful words, no sentences to make.


Most of my time I spend unfocused, distracted.

I spin in circles while sitting still.

I've long mastered this unusual skill.

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I Walk An Endless Road

I walk endless an road

locked into a heavy load

Of these questions and fears

Gripping from it's unreasonable tears


As a car roars by

I look dead into it's light

Wondering where it leads

But just like that it's gone

just like another day

As I wake up to the sun's harsh light


I try not to look back

As I attempt to fill this crack

Of this hurt and wonder

Unstoppable, a storm of rain and thunder


As a car roars by

I look dead into it's light

Wondering where it leads

But just like that it's gone

just like another night

As I stay up to the moon's hypnotic might


The End of nowhere

To all those listening
I'm only here cause I'm breathing
Letting out the Demond's
That haunt us all.
These stupid little dreams
That lead me to believe
That life is nothing but a simple
A plan that's not planed well
A made up heaven
Just to get you through this hell.
Give you something to look forward too
Cause in the end is where we find
That none of this was true
All these riddles and fantasies
Are nothing but brittle
for your Darkest dreams.
Don't mean nothing
But yet we still believe.
So let me wake you up
Don't be distraught
Cause of the things we were taught.
Somethings never makes sense at all.
Except for the rise before we fall.
The only thing I believe
Is the reason.
Why it happens
And finding the meanings.
If I run into you
And you give me reason.
Then I gain hope
And I start breathing.
No such thing as coincidence
I feel the time I spent
And the words you vent
And the way it's meant
Cause I believe in what I see
The things I hear
And what lead you to me.
The rest of the world
Can continue to live in disbelief.
Letting the world pass them by
Because they believe
In this made up reaction
They've all been distracted
By the teachings and casting
All the movies were pretending
Forgetting to mention
Who we are.
Where we are headed
And just how far
We have to go before
Life takes it tole
Leaves us for nothing
Just an empty sole...
So wake the fuck up
It's almost time to go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wake the fuck up!!!

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