Your Beauty Amazed Me

 Oh! The moment you appeared,

 Before the eyes of mine,

 Blown away I was,

 By the beauty that you carried.


I kept on looking at you,

 Your eyes, hair, lips and didn’t pay heed,

 To the single word of yours,

 You walked in beauty, it’s true.


As the river waits to receive the fountain,

 And the river’s craving to hold the ocean close,

 Such was my feeling for thee,

 Why are you trying to bind love then?


 Isn’t ‘Singularity’ a mirage in the end?

 Let my heart with yours one mingle,

 Stop acting like that earthy worm,

 Earthy, callous and blind. 


To you, ‘grace’ should be another name given,

 If love is foolishness then let me be a fool,

 Let me love you and your loveliness for ever and ever,

 Seeing thy beauty ashamed shall feel Aphrodite and Helen.   


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not broken?



but not broken

an angel

who crash landed

in this terrible world

we call home

such a disgrace

the pain

she endures

yet, so much beauty

lay upon her face

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a few thoughts.. may add more later and find a better title

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 How unfortunate you are, my dear,

So far, so alone.

Does the darkness consume you?

Does it make you it's own?


We live and we die,

But yours is the most beautiful of deaths.

The whole galaxy envied you you,

It saw your potential, even in death.


You graffitied the facade of black in soliloquy,

Oh how beautifully you vandalised the night.

It was never the blackness that consumed you,

Darkness is but an absence of light.


But you still insist that it consumed you,

It shadowed your beauty, your song-

Then tell me why it is that I hear music,

From your death, your inaudible song?

Endless Spiral Into the Night


Endless spiral reaches into the night. 
Reason by endless spirit is transgressed. 
Ignorance is bliss so blinded is sight.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
And boundless sorrow will remain repressed, 
While shimmering white stars do shine so bright.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
And solemn souls' sadness remains suppressed. 
Sealed by shining angels' tears for respite.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
And sacred joy by the angels is blessed.
While endless whirls spread through sky like a blight.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
And with joy souls become slowly obsessed. 
While darkness takes the sky in lovely flight.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
And endless joy doth fade slowly in plight.
And by split emotions souls are so stressed.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

A villanelle about a vibrant spiral galaxy. I am aware it doesn't completely fit the form.

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A Tainted Beauty

Everyday I look at the world

and everyday I realise its beauty

the beauty of its people

of its landscapes 

of its cultures.

And yet everyday

that beauty is destroyed

piece by piece

its people

by war

its landscapes

by pollution

its cultures

by extremism

and so I find the world to be 

a tainted beauty

but a beauty none the less. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just find the world to be inspiring and awful daily and yet I find there can be alot more good in the world than their is bad and so I find it to be tainted by the negatives but that does not mean the world isnt amazing, wonderful, inspiring, breathtaking. It is. And I hope it always will be. 

I should have told you / Ich hätte dich


The English is followed by the German original


I should have kissed when I had the chance

Taken you with both hands, held you closely while we danced

I should told you that I miss your smile

Your half-closed eyes like two new moon slivers

Green and silver

I should have kissed you when I had the chance


I should have told you that I hear your voice

Every thought every dream, your quiet whisperse in my ear

I should have told you I'm in love with your mind.

I'm in love with your mind

Don't tell me love is blind

When we are creatures of the eye

We just see beauty differently

And darling you are mine

Don't tell me love is blind

When we are creatures of the eye

We just see beauty differently, we see it with the heart

And darling you are in mine


Ich hätt' dich küssen sollen, wann ich die Chance hatt'
Dich mit zwei Händen nehmen sollen, dich fest halten sollen, während wir getanzt
Ich hätt' dir sagen sollen, dass ich dein Lächeln vermiss'
Deine halbgeschlossenen Augen, zwei Neumonde
Grün und Silber
Ich hätt' dich küssen sollen

Ich hätt' dir sagen sollen, dass ich deine Stimme hör'
Jeder Gedanke, jeder Traum, deine leise Flüstern in meinem Ohr
Ich hätt' dir sagen sollen, ich bin in deinen Geist verliebt
Ich bin in deinen Gesit verliebt


Die Liebe ist nicht blind
Weil wir Augentiere sind
Jeder sieht Schönheit anders
Und Liebling du meine bist

Die Liebe ist nicht blind-

Weil wir Augentiere sind
Jeder sieht Schönheit anders, wenn man mit dem Herzen sieht
Weisst du schon, meine Liebling, dass du in meinem liegt

Author's Notes/Comments: 

German is not a native language for me so please forgive any mistakes

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Candlelit Green

Deep beneath the oily earth gates,

Far away from the icy laps of cold breeze,

Miles apart from the whispering pecks of moving lips,

A grotto fit only for a fish exists in the water.

An ancient citadel of a place, hidden in cool green,

With mossy brick pillars and statues dormant and still,

In small shallows of breathable space, 

Weeds slime and water trickles like pretty music, 

Fresh and clear exists the secret world,

Undiscovered by all but us,

A palace of purity, a castle of crystallized clarity,

We light a candle in the rippling pool,

Hold it up to the dappling rays of seeping sun, 

And pray for more grottoes and glens, 

In which to imagine our perfect world.

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Why I am Beautiful.

Just Me

I am beautiful,

despite what people may say.

about my face,

my hair,

my clothes.


I am beautiful

regardless of what people think

of my looks,

my personality,

my aspirations.


I am beautiful

because I am me.

I do not pretend to be anyone else,

or something I'm not.

I have accepted who and what I am

and I see both the good and the bad

and accept them both.


Thats what makes me beautiful,

Accepting Myself. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeh so wrote this a while ago and am still not sure I like it. Hope you do though! 

Reader The Judge




Fact and fiction 

Are two different things,

But under the poet's pen...

Lies carry no wings.


Interpretations can be many,

And one's soul will take flight,

There is no wrong,

There is no rite.


One's own emotions become putty

In plain sight,

Is it right?

Each one to find their individual truth

Brings individual darkness,




Author's Notes/Comments: 
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