maybe it is still (just) sleepy time








maybe it is still (just) sleepy time





once again,
we left the doors open
for someone—





it's the Western
or the Eastern light
peeking in





seeming again
to chase shadows
out of nowhere






but let me begin
the neverending
waking moment








because you do not






know yet—how lucky







you are









for not seeing








the aesthetically




















in every mists
that surround you















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New Lyrics


It's December

It's the happiest time of the year

It's December

But in this frozen heart there's no cheer- (chorus)


Let it snow til I'm covered from head to toe

Let the sun go down before I can get home

Just remember it's December 


Let the leaves turn brown as they rot on the ground

Let the night black out everything that's around

Just remember it's December 



It's December 

It's the happiest time of the year

Its December 

But in this frozen heart there's no cheer


It's so cold

Why do I feel so alone?


That's when I


It's December 

It's the happiest time of the year

It's December 

Cause in this frozen heart there's no cheer

In this frozen heart there's no cheer



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I kinda got my inspiration from a Christmas song I had stuck in my head, and the words just flowed out, so now I have a "winter" or "Christmas song" under my belt. 

See if you can guess what song it was...


Satanalia LVIII

Seasons In Hell

Satanalia Greetings!

IIndulge Sinful Virtues resplendent! Children of Darkness by many names, gather for sublime infernal pleasures, abandon mundanity, travel on dæmonwinds unto manifold pleasures of the mind and flesh!

By thine devil's marks received that night in unholy congress, may the shadows of thine innermost desires arise from The Gates within thine abyss, unto The Infernal Throne, bear fruition in debauched ecstasies! Orgiastic ruminations, incubus, succubus freed to ride the nocturn tide!

The vortex like cauldron churns, ravens call, bells echo across land, sea, and air. Dreams flicker in night mist and moon fog.

Pour forth thine carnal philters into goblets of cornucopious ebb, into which rigid blade hath cleaved. Communion Feast of The Beast, and writhing serpentine skin aglow by candlelight's gleam, the shimmering eyes of Baphomet, hearthfire of Hell, multisensory delights wrapped in Drægon wings. 

In Nomine Satanas,

~ Rev. Blackthorne
Satanalia LVII

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in the garden, in the nighttime (with Old English, Dutch, and Germanic influence)

in the garden, in the nighttime

(formerly 'slipping away in the garden in the nighttime', with Old English, Dutch, and Germanic influence)

the leaves play their roles

they change colors, giving shade,

raindrops—welled up tears

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This haiku was primarily composed as a personal note to my most recent subjective study material (micro-phenomenology).  I thought, first & foremost, why or how come it had that particular significance in me (at least for me). As far as that realization was thought to be consisting revelatory moments,  a denouement if you will, these have aided me (in my self-directed learning the importance/relevance of intersubjectivity, interrelatedness, & multiperspectivity as it relate to/in relation to philosophy, phenomenology, —mostly in semiotics/semantics/linguistics—of which are already specified in the past Author's Notes/Comments).


In addition, etymological definitions (with relative value to myself) basically were included below.  These are the linguistic influences of another language before being used in these particular ways.  Please note that this is just to help educate myself on these subjects & so, thought to be, help expand my learning objectives, which was why they've been given emphases):




Leaves pl./leaf sing. :



1.  Old English lēaf, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch loof and German Laub


Leave (another sense, as in the verb) :



2. Old English lēaf 'permission'; related to LIEF and LOVE


3.  Old English.. (this last one entry was not included; it had seemed to have a far different sense & meaning, so it had not been thought to be iterated; and apart from this reason, however, I could not find a special character from my mobile device to input "læfan" like how it appears from the built-in definition & its meaning to especially/specially denote that here correctly)




The Sleeping Village

Night time.


The moon appears, faint in the distance.


Darkness has settled,


Heavy like a blanket.


It is cold outside, a sliver of winter.


Warm inside.


Heat comes from a sturdy stove;


A fragrance of home,


A reassuring lull,


The promise of morning.


The village sleeps.

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Winter Night

Night falls,


The sky dark and silent,


The moon in the distant,


A crescent barely visible.


The temperature drops,


A freeze that hovers,


Tormenting, merciless cold.



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Deep In The Forest

Deep in the forest.


A coat of snow.


An outline of sun,


Peeping through branches.


Zero temperature.


Static stillness.


A wooden hut,


Surrounded by snow.




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The Winter Poem

Winter, the longest season of all.


Deceptive sunlight.


A hint of frost.


Snow may fall sooner or later.


The evenings continue to draw in early.


Dawn is delayed.


The winter stillness lingers


Raw and deep and icy cold.

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Satanalia LIII

Seasons In Hell




Season Lucifer

Upon the longest night of The Year, we celebrate in darkness, and all therein, as hellfires burn to warm the flesh into salacious indulgence, yielding to temptation and feasting with delight, the pleasures of the earth lain forth for you, The Devil's Legions, the harvests of The Seasons in Hell, and before Satan's myriad manifestations, reflected in the shadow speculum and projected by the Demon Eye, visions of what was and is to be again, emerge from The Mind's Abyss, & vast subterranean cavernous lairs.

The Season is Lucifer! Lend us Thine Infernalight! 

Upon this High Unholyday, the apex of Satanalia, 'neath a Full Moon & Meteor shower coursing, The Lucifer star glows with infernalight in the Eastern Sky, pointing the way to The Gates which shall be opened! Daemon Brother Krampus has come forth! Within the Void of deepest nocturne, bring forth the sacrifices to blaze on through the night!  


In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Noctuary, The Black Earth
Winter Solstice LIII


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just shortly upon the summit we celebrate the incarnations of Dionysus {Lust}, Mithras {Strength}, & Horus {Wisdom}, collectively regeneration!