The Love of the Moon


As the crickets sing sweet lullabies

The frogs hum an aristocratic tone

Stars fancy a twinkle

The moon so bright, on it's throne

Street lights tend to flicker

As if they have sleepless tire

Moths dance where shadows won't

As if they'd catch on fire

The grass is kissed with a wetness

So sweetly lingered into dawn

Whispers of remembrance flow

Left, as suddenly as it's spawned

Flowers reaching for the skies

Welcoming the warmth of rays

The moon honing for his love

Beckoning the day

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Mesmerized by Her Beauty! [Story]

It is the dead of the night. The world seems to be dead! There is scarcely any sound except that of the foxes from a far. Like the nocturnal owl, the thief named Gabbar is geared up to steal some precious elements from certain houses.

Gabbar plans to encroach at least two houses tonight. He fixes his eyes on the house that is just next to the river. There are no more houses in close proximity.     

          Gabbar thinks that it will be the perfect one for stealing. There is less risk of getting caught because even if the dwellers sense his presence and start shouting, none is possibly going to hear! 

          Gabbar looks at the gate that is locked as it should be! Then he takes a careful look at the wall that surrounds the house. It is not that high; Gabbar can easily scale the wall.

          Scaling walls is not a big deal for Gabbar. He has been doing this for a long time. He has successfully finished the first level. Now, he finds himself in front of the building.

          Gabbar prays to God that he must not be bitten by a dog, if there is one in that very house. He is afraid of the dogs so much. It is not that he is scared of them from his childhood; in fact, once a dog almost killed him during night when he was on his stealing mission!

          However, Gabbar sees no sign of dog there. He feels relaxed; opening the lock of the collapsible gate, he moves forward. Actually, opening locks is like a child’s play to him now. He can open any kinds of locks within a few minutes like magic!

          Gabbar goes on stealthily like a ghost! As he has no shoes on, there is no sound made from the steps. He is also aware of the sound of his breath. He must not pant.

          Gabbar reaches a door. Without much ado, he starts working on it. As always, he comes out victorious. He opens the door very carefully so that not a single creaking sound is produced.

          Gabbar is inside the room now. Since it is extremely dark, he cannot see anything, not even his own hands and feet! However, he reaches the part, which is just next to the wall. He starts groping there. He must make sure that he does not break anything accidentally!

          Gabbar feels that it is a wardrobe. He opens it and senses that there are some clothes. He starts looking for a drawer; he finds one at last and it is locked. Gabbar becomes happy since he thinks that there must be something in that drawer.

          But, Gabbar knows that it will be really tough now to unlock it. He is inside the room and someone is asleep on the bed. Even a slight noise can awake the sleeper. So, Gabbar must be more cautious than before.          

          Gabbar has been doing well. The drawer is open now. He leads his hands inside it and feels something hard. It is a flat box. He gets overjoyed thinking that there must be precious jewelry in it!

          Gabbar places it safely inside his bag. Suddenly, he realises that the moonlight is entering through the windowpane and making the room enlightened. Everything looks almost clear now.

          Gabbar stands before the bed. He sees that there is a young girl who is in deep sleep. He cannot see her face. Suddenly, the girl moves towards the opposite side and Gabbar gets afraid!

          Fortunately, the girl does not awake. The moonlight is falling directly on her face now. It looks heavenly to Gabbar. He is so amazed by her beauty; he has not seen anyone as beautiful as the girl who is right in front of his eyes!

          Gabbar is awfully captivated by her beauty. He stands like a tree and looks at her as if he could do that for eternity! In a word, the notorious thief named Gabbar has fallen in love with a girl who looks like an angel!

          Gabbar leaves soon. He reaches his house but cannot sleep even for a minute. He feels that he will die if he does not see her again!

          For the three successive nights, Gabbar goes to that house not to steal again but to have a look at that gorgeous young woman. Unfortunately, he is caught by the guardian of the house and handed over to the police.

Now, Gabbar is in prison where he passes his time by daydreaming about that beautiful girl!

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Flow Of The Wind

  Sometimes The Wind Blows
And Sometimes It Stills The Air
I Wonder About It
If The Wind Is Silent
Are We Waiting For Something To Happen

Is There Something
To Look Forward For
Are We Looking For Him Or Her
Or Are We Simply Helpless

Sometimes You Wonder
If Its Still Worth Waiting For
And If The Wait Takes So Long
Do You Think
It Would Have
Been Worth The Wait

Because Sometimes
I'm Heavyhearted
Not Because I Don't Know
But Because Its Hard
Sometimes I Want To Give Up
But I Know I Can't Stop
And If I Fall Down
I Will Get Back Up Again

"My Sweet Rose"

Just a thought!

My lovely Rose dates back to the Great Hunnic Empire

Born in the Thirteenth Shire of the Dacian Kingdom

Descended from the loins of a Saxon, Noble Count, whose

Rotting bones, raised from the dead, by an evil King...

"The sixth son of a sixth son of a sixth son."

The Count, cursed by demons to walk the Earth in

Darkness for a thousand years, feeding off the blood

Of the living... All his children's children, cursed for

Another thousand years to propagate the blood line.

In the dark of night, I met my Rose. Captivated by her

Beauty, seduced by her enchanting ways, she drew me in.

Caught in a passionate embrace, entwined in a hypnotic

Love affair, I was smitten, till she tried to suck the life from me...

With one fell swoop, I separated my sweet Love's head from

her cursed soul.  Unable to escape the clutches of her stare,

I speak to her each day as if she were a part of me...

    "My dear, sweet Rose'...   Still my Love, death becomes you!"

     by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"My Sweet Rose"

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Sweet Silhouette

Just a thought!

Picture perfect silhouette, gleeming in my eyes,

Silky smooth suductive lines, flow as taffy candy

Soothing shadow valleys, bending slowly over time

Mounded tuffs of softened rise, crest my darkened Angel

Her streaming hair, blends the air, she lies in filtered haze

Poised in a radiant, blissful glow, she lays still to adorn my canvass.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Sweet Silhouette"

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"Time Lines Honored"

Just a thought!

What "Time" did to you, weaves lines in your face,

Consistant results of beauty and age...

Now persistant to hide them with magic and lace,

Their achievements take back seat on the stage.

 The children you bore, The trips to the store,

Countless hours with them in the sun...

Years of thoughtful invention, endless walks,

Not to mention...all the laundry done,  just for fun'

 All the shoes you tied, all the tears you cried,

Looking back,  seems like a life long race.

But, we all get old, and the metals you hold...

  Are the memory lines held in your face.'

  by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Time Lines Honored"

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Hugs Give Love


Hugs Are Soft
Hugs Are Gentle
Hugs Make You Feel Cared For
The Softness And Gentlessness
Of Giving A Long Tight
Or A Short And Firm Hug
Makes You Feel At Home

Hugs Make You Feel Wanted
It Invites a Sense
Of Warmth Into Your Heart
And It Creates A Sense Of Caring
A Sense Of Compassion
A Sense Of Love
It Soothes Your Soul
It Calms Your Mind
Love Is Patient
And Love Is Kind

Asking Nothing More Than
Love And Caring Words
In A Simple Action
Says More Than I Love You
Feels More Than I Care About You
And Most Importantly
You Feel Loved
You Feel Cared For

Because Everyone Deserves Love
Everyone Deserves Someone
Who Loves Them Unconditionally
Everyone Deserves Someone
Who Cares About Them Whole

Beauty was Here

When she did enter,

Beauty was here,

I wished I could say ‘I love you’,

She is the one I pursue.


At times think I deeply,

As if it were a partiality,

That nature has gifted her,

With stunning beauty and splendour.


Enlightened the room was the moment she did smile,

Sad I went thinking she would leave in a little while.

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Flowers of Time

Just a thought!

Sad as it is... all things in life must die...

The animals we adore,

All the loved ones we hold dear,

Memories of them fading with age...

Even the names on their stones have eroded with time'

Someday...I too, shall be looked upon...

Flowers in a field... glowing in the warmpth of sunlight'




Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Just a thought of reality in time"

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