Sweet Silhouette

Just a thought!

Picture perfect silhouette, gleeming in my eyes,

Silky smooth suductive lines, flow as taffy candy

Soothing shadow valleys, bending slowly over time

Mounded tuffs of softened rise, crest my darkened Angel

Her streaming hair, blends the air, she lies in filtered haze

Poised in a radiant, blissful glow, she lays still to adorn my canvass.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Sweet Silhouette"

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"Time Lines Honored"

Just a thought!

What "Time" did to you, weaves lines in your face,

Consistant results of beauty and age...

Now persistant to hide them with magic and lace,

Their achievements take back seat on the stage.

 The children you bore, The trips to the store,

Countless hours with them in the sun...

Years of thoughtful invention, endless walks,

Not to mention...all the laundry done,  just for fun'

 All the shoes you tied, all the tears you cried,

Looking back,  seems like a life long race.

But, we all get old, and the metals you hold...

  Are the memory lines held in your face.'

  by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Time Lines Honored"

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Beauty was Here

When she did enter,

Beauty was here,

I wished I could say ‘I love you’,

She is the one I pursue.


At times think I deeply,

As if it were a partiality,

That nature has gifted her,

With stunning beauty and splendour.


Enlightened the room was the moment she did smile,

Sad I went thinking she would leave in a little while.

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Flowers of Time

Just a thought!

Sad as it is... all things in life must die...

The animals we adore,

All the loved ones we hold dear,

Memories of them fading with age...

Even the names on their stones have eroded with time'

Someday...I too, shall be looked upon...

Flowers in a field... glowing in the warmpth of sunlight'




Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Just a thought of reality in time"

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Glycerin Eyes

Just a thought!

Exploding from a darkened sky, the universe danced in your eyes.

Cascading in nuclear fusion, Solar flares burning bright,
Their intense beauty, eclipsing the moment.

A consensual stare draws me into portal depth.

Suspended in time, immersed in glistening splendor,

My heart  forever captured, in a seduction... behind glycerin prisms.


                     by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Guess I been reading too many fantasies!Tongue Out

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After Seeing Her

After seeing her,

Right there,

By the Martyrs’ Monument,

Magnetised I went.


An epitome of beauty was she,

As if before my eyes was Aphrodite,

I kept on thinking about the Creator,

His magnificence, His splendour.


The sun’s glow seemed less compared to her radiance,

She did bring beauty and ecstasy with her amazing presence.

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You Carry Beauty with You

The way you walk,

The way you talk,

The way you smile,

Once in a while.


All of the above,

Make me fall in love,

With you more,

And more.


You carry beauty with you,

Yes, my love, it’s true.   

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With Angels Wings

With Angels Wings

The Whispering Winds, A song they sing
A song of sorrow and of a heart so big
Your loves reaches as far as the eye can see
I believe in dreams because in my beat
Just as a gentle breeze shimmers every leaf
Your love, in every heart, plants a seed
Elegance, love and hope is what grows beneath
....This is your gift to us...
For safekeeping
So, if you ever wonder why heaven sings
Its because now you fly....

With Angels Wings

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem I wrote for my aunt who we just found out is losing her battle to Pancreatic Cancer and i want to read this when the time comes.  I figured I'd share.

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You are near...

A gentle beam of the sun
Touches locks of your beautiful hair,
And the sudden breeze of the fresh salty air
Brings the thoughts of indescribable joy and quietness...
And it seems, that the time now has lost its usual run,
And the day has strengthened its brightness.


The sweet song of a nightingale
Flows into the peaceful and warm atmosphere,
I feel your gentle touch and we see how there
In the blue sunny sky spindrift clouds appear...
I raise the anchor in order to sail
For I know you are near...




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