The sand in my toes

The breeze flowing across the water

The sun in all its glory..radiant

Children building castles

Gulls searching for treats to seduce their palates

Tanners full of oil

Lovers hand and hand

Picnic hampers full of food

I breath deep absorbing all I see

Families spending time together

At one with nature but, for a moment in time

The power if it all I pause

I feel at peace, so serene

Childrens's laughter surrounds me

Gramma and grampa barefoot holding hands

Dogs catching balls 6 feet high!

An involuntary smile, a quiet giggle

Taking it all in, every detail forever etched

For one rainy day I'll be here again.....the beauty of it all

A tear of joy I shed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a winter day spent dreaming......remembering the beach and all the joy it brings me

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I like the sound of you,

melodious, sweet and clear

it lifts me up like a swing

like a feather in the wind.

I can hear you in the rushing rivers

that flow back into the ocean.

you are found in the billowing waves of the sea,

as they surge and break on the shore.

I find you in the raindrops as they pour

down and caress the earth.

you ride with the rapids and it’s a sight to behold,

cascading and sending cool sprays.

you are in the mighty mountains

which look down on all creation.

you whisper with the wind

sending butterfly kisses to my cheeks.

you glide with the painter’s brush

as he strokes it on the canvass,

you flow with the music

in tune with the harper's touch.

I turn around and see you

in the smile of a little child,

and with the old couple

staring adoringly into each other’s eyes.

then I ponder,

how truly amazing you are,

with sorrows and cares cast away,

I wish for your presence everyday.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am drawn to nature so much I could cry.  The tranquility it offers soothes my soul.  

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The Angels Call MY Name

I want to fly, I want to soar

To many years I spent locked behind this door

The rooms of this house overflow with pain

No more love do I have to give in vain

I hear voices they call out to me

Telling me of beauty as far as the eye can see

When all hope is gone they whisper,saying they are here

They softly tell me to go see what the world holds. treasures so dear

I want to feel the wind in my hair

Let me run where I dare

I want to ride the glistening waterfalls

Go where it takes me.....where ever it calls

Im going to live, I mean really live

I have so much to offer this world ,,,so much to give

I want to run barefoot through the meadow

To taste all the sweetness life has to offer before I go

Fly among the skies of vivid blue

I want to fill my lungs full of fresh air that is all I want to do

I walk among the clouds all fluffy and white

I dance on the stars that dazzle so bright

I can touch the rainbow above

Open my heart and fill it with love

I feel the beauty of a raindrop on my chin

I start each new day with a grin

I toss a pebble and watch the peaceful ripple in the stream

Never wanting to awake from this dream

I skip along a wooded path

Birds in a puddle taking a bath

I lay beneath the silver birch, listening to life rush by

The vastness of my emotions overwhelm me, a tear leaves my eye

At peace I hear the angels call my name

Telling me of a place where all things remain the same

A place where those you love, love you back

Where your heart can feel, without fear of attack

A place where once is never enough

And enough just is never,  really enough

They tell me of a place I can be me

Tales of unconditional love for all to see

From all this mortal pain they offer me protection

A lot of love and affection

Author's Notes/Comments: 

angels come in many forms

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Youre Gone

You're Gone

Today, will be the day that will be forever etched in my mind

For I can see you across the room

Your stellar beauty shines of the blaze of a thousand sun combusting with dazzling awe

The room, where people are abound, is now overcrowded by your illuminating presence

The room, where people are abound, is now vacant with the exception of you and I

With a kiss, with your lips pressing against mine, the clouds in the pale blue sky opens to unlock the doors of Heaven above

With you by my side, with your hand in mine, we ascend into the outermost atmosphere beyond as we pass through Heaven's Pearly Gates



"its nice to meet you"

"how's it going?"

"oh, pretty good so far"

"i enjoyed meeting you"

"yeah, same here"


At last,

My fantasy is now Reality

And the breath from your words has placed warmth in a once cold soul

You are my goddess and an altar of devotion is waiting to be unlocked within my naive heart

I see you

I see you smile

I hear your laughter

It is such a symphony that Mozart could not conjure

There's a place in my mind to in which the channel will always remain on you

And you hair flows in the wind as if they were bodies of water united

Waving, rippling, crashing, and flowing


"no, I don't think so"

"no, I think I have other plans"


With that, the view of you is blocked

The Wall of Rejection now stands between you and I

Obscuring the brilliancy of your God-touched mold, the wall spanning from the east

The west

Causing a world of ecliptic darkness with this wall that you have placed here

My attempt for love has


All is lost

Your sundering words has impaled my heart

My soul

With the icicle you plunged so deep

You are not with me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just your typical crash and burn story. Tragic but true I'm afraid...

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The Blood of the Rose


Deep within the blood that radiates from the flower,

It's simple grace dwelling among man's quest for power.

Thriving silently, slowly, out from the veins of sorrow,

Enduring today and outlasting one tomorrow.

Chasing away the harsh corruptions of pain and loss.

Standing, thriving strong, perceiving the terrible costs.

Fragrant fires breathe forth to perfect the prevailing life,

To fill a lonely heart with exhaltation, not strife.

Clinging so intensely to the devoted, black earth.

An image of enchantment, of rapture and of mirth.

A profusion of colors that challenge the rainbows,

Surviving the intensities of the wind that blows.

Adorning the existence of great poets and kings.

Bringing joy to a soul and forgiving misgivings.

Resting, nesting sweetly in the bosom of the bride,

Heeding the vow of always from the man by her side.

A hallmark to life and a symbol that life is done.

Bursting upward, wide, sending reverence to the sun.

An artist's sweet muse and a photographer's vision,

A gardener's delight and a young lover's mission.

Transforming the face of the humblest dwelling,

So intoxicating, enchanting and comforting.

For the one who spills tears knows not one tear alone flows.

Call forth the noble power of the blood of the rose!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tribute to one of God's most beautiful creations

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Cold Transparent Glass

Black disheveled hair gathered into ponytail,

lithe of limb & tall for her tender age,

her wet white baggy t-shirt--diaphanous

transparency of woman-child breasts

blossoming sunflowers on cold concrete

in a monster city of fumes and shadows.

She sprinkles soapy water on my windshield,

hand shaking circles rocking car and driver inside,

her fresh girlish smile is a lot more valuable

than the dime I offer her;

yet, she takes it satisfied before she slips back

into the night--a splendid vision in a troubled dream,

this fair fallen angel working miracles

on cold transparent glass.

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Tiny, Little Rosebud


Tiny, little rosebud

Sleeps softly in the womb

Waiting for the one day

You will conquer the sun

Gentle, little rosebud

With the strong, beating heart

So close to mommy's own

One waits & grows. One waits

Patient, little rosebud

Knowing your time will come

Sharing the sweet secret

With the angels alone

Hear me, little rosebud

The world calls out to you

All await the great day

You will conquer the sun


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Waiting for the grandchild in great anticipation. Dedicated to my son & daughter in law for the challenges that lay ahead of them.

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Tiarra Met Me Here Last Night,

I Let Her In And What A Sight.

Her Pretty Face Had Me In Awe,

A Gorgeous Woman's What I Saw.

She's Just The Way I Knew She's Be,

Her Hazel Eyes Had Captured Me.

I Know I Stared I Just Could Not,

She Had My Tongue Tied In A Knot.

We Tried To Play A Little Pool,

I Found It Hard To Just Not Drool.

I Couldn't Even Make A Shot,

'Cuz My Opponent Looked So Hot.

She Wore A Dress & Wore It Well,

I Had Bad Thoughts But Didn't Tell.

I Told Her She Looked Really Great,

She Said "Whatever" & This I Hate.

Her Body Really Looked So Hot,

I Can't Believe She Says It's Not.

She's Such A Cutey I Can Say,

She Caught My Eye In Every Way.

To Talk To Also She's So Sweet,

Sometimes She Sweeps Me Off My Feet.

When We Talk We Talk So Long,

Her Voice Is Sweeter Than A Song.

I've Told Her That I Love Her Voice,

She Tells Me That It Isn't Nice.

She Speaks & I Hear Angels Sing,

Inside My Head Her Words They Ring.

I Think About This Special One,

With Eyes That Brighten Like The Sun.

I Wish That I Could See Her Now,

So I Could Gaze And Just Say Wow!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This Is About A Very, Very Pretty Woman I Finally Had The Pleasure Of Meeting Last Night After Chatting For A Week. Her Looks Knocked Me Off My Feet. Tiarra Baby, You're Gorgeous.

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Moonlight Sonata


In the tranquility of my dreams,

That carry me without a choice,

I float above the red fires of hell,

To touch the tips of angels' wings.

In the tranquility of my dreams,

I waltz with sylphs adorned in white frost,

Quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow,to and fro

Beneath the diamond studded trees.

In the tranquility of my dreams,

I frolic with sirens in the sea,

Float with dolphins in guilded coral,

As Neptune summons me to come home.

In the tranquility of my dreams,

Where nothing is right or what it seems,

I yield to the possibilities,

That these joys are now my reality.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is in memory of my mother who passed peacefully from life in her sleep a long time ago. Her last thoughts, I am sure were this beautiful.

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