Pure Water


A life sustained by water pure

Yet marred by memory of the wine

Like fragrant waft of soft allure

Diminished not by hands of time


Forever clear the water streams

Yet never ends the draw to wine

Forever helpless so all seems

To purge the memory from my mind


Though water's healing - ever constant

Soft and clean and unaware

How often it hath quenched my thirst

And oft hath left me standing there


A gaze in awe, and silent yearning

Watching how the water flows

Mesmerized by every trickle...

Wishing I could just let go


Of every string the wine has woven

Through the fabric of my soul

Doth feel betimes a fact well proven -

I've not the will to let it go


For wine is strong to those who drink

And feel the fire of liquor's hold

Changed thus forever so I think

In moment's time - my future sold


But hold I fast to water's beauty

Resolute despite all time

Let God and Angel's bear this witness -

I choose water over wine


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