Your Eyes

Your eyes

   are bluer than the skies

      of summer. They shine more brightly

         than heavenly stars that sparkle nightly.

No finer line

   could ever define

      a shape more perfect in design.

         One look and I'm enraptured —


They have the power to hypnotise —

   your lovely eyes!

Copyright © Robert Haigh 1996

***          ***          ***          ***

For my wife






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was a regional winner in the National Poetry Anthology competition of the United Kingdom for 2010. Three entries were selected from each region. My region was West Yorkshire, with a population of well over two million, and I was naturally delighted to learn of my win. However, after reading the forms I was obliged to sign, granting the publishers the right to publish my poem, I decided not to sign, and I withdrew my poem! By signing, I would retain full copyright, but the publishers clearly expected me to buy at least one copy of the anthology and I refused to do this. If my poem was to be published, I wanted it to make me a little money, not cost me money! The only poet to make any money out of the venture was the overall national winner, who received £1,000 in cash plus a handsome trophy to keep for life. All the other regional winners received no royalties at all!

When the publication came out, I was astonished to receive a free copy, even though my poem was not in it (I had, of course, refused them permission to publish it). My poem was replaced by that of a woman from Leeds. Even though I unexpectedly received a free book, I still think I made the right decision, and I have not submitted any poem for possible publication since. I may self-publish a selection of my poetry one day, but then again, probably not.

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God's Great Masterpiece

When God created mothers

He made them stronger than all others

(Including fathers, uncles, nephews and brothers).

He gave all mothers nerves of steel

To cope with young kids who squeal,

And older ones who argue a great deal.

He gave each mother a heart of gold

Containing great love untold,

Never to be bought or sold.

And He also made sure 

That a mother's touch could cure

All cuts and abrasions, whether large or obscure.

And then, as if to disarm

Our fear and alarm,

God gave all mothers a homely, earthly charm.

We take mothers for granted, when really we shouldn't;

And to manage without them we know we just couldn't.

I hate to admit all this, but then, what man wouldn't?!

Copyright © Robert Haigh 1997





Author's Notes/Comments: 

The photograph is of my wife and our youngest son.

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A Tale of Two Mirrors

The mirror that hung in the hall

Posed problems, for you and for me.

Although it looked chic on the wall 

On that point we both could agree.

But you said, "This just will not do!

I can't see my nose nor my mouth!

I put this proposal to you 

We move this thing six inches south!"


I looked in the mirror and said,

"I'm sorry but I don't agree.

I can't see the top of my head!

The mirror needs raising, you see."

These problems were quickly resolved,

With only a soupçon of thought.

Some outlay was clearly involved 

A much LARGER mirror was bought!

copyright © Robert Haigh 2018





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Requiescat in pace


The feeling of rest

After a hard day's work

The weightlessness of relaxation




No reason to fear

No longer any worries

My mind is happily blank

White like new-fallen snow

While I sit by the fireplace

On a Christmas morning



For my spirit is calm

My soul no longer pains me

I'll soon fall asleep

To waking dreams

And an eternity

Of sunrises  



For at the bottom of my heart;

The dregs of my emotions lie

I'd given all to you

And you drank without satisfaction

I filled your glass over and over again

Yet you could not be content


I had nothing left to give

And then, like so many before

I was thrown aside

Cast out like a leper

But the thing about barrels

Is that they can be refilled

And someone wanted me to be filled

They poured their heart and soul into me

They completed me until I overflowed

They granted me a purpose, and a meaning


So now as I look upon you

Inebriated in your unfulfilled grief

Wasted in your past iniquity

I pity you

For we cannot be connoisseurs only

But we must be barrels as well

For we cannot drink alone

But must be drunken from again


Light and Dark

Men of Iron, Men of Smoke

Red hands hidden in their cloak

Helter Skelter in their hearts

Silence people, so they start

End beginnings, death of life

Pleasured pain, calming strife

All their “truth,” is but lies

Hide the demons in their eyes

Propaganda lead the people

Separate the laws and steeple

All who speak against them die

Total darkness soon is nigh

All of those who live are dead


In a white world made of red

Ode to Summer's End

Just For Fun

Let me take you

In your mind's true eye

To blue-green pastures

Ocean-like waves of grass

Flowing gently over hill and dale

The sun gently shining

Partially cloaked behind the clouds

The crickets singing to each other

Fall is soon at hand

But for now we enjoy

Those few last days of summer

And as we lay on the warm earth

We'll daydream at how fast


The year has gone already


Just For Fun

Silent time is passing

Pleasant melodies fall upon my ear

Swinging, swooning,

Waltzing melodrama

Imprinting their faerie-like steps

Deep into my mind

I am lost

In a tidal wave of euphony

An effervescent motif

Returns like starlight after sundown

There is no time

For eternity sits in this moment

There is no war

For my heart is stilled

My soul is quiet


I am finally at peace

Devil Train

Light and Dark

I hear that Devil's train

Hot on my heels

Come to collect, I suspect

What he thinks he owns


Time is short

But I've got some left

So I'll burn it up

And blow it in his face


Here and gone

Like cigarette smoke

Rush to my head

Speed to my death


Neon past lighting my way

But I can't see whats in front of me

Walking down the path ahead

Red hand in my pocket


Death, in my thoughts,

Is racing to a stoplight

But unlike others

Red means speed up to me


I'll live long after I'm dead

That you can count on

Long after I'm gone


I'll still be around