কি দেখো রাতের আকাশে?

কি দেখো রাতের আকাশে,

ছাদের কোণে একা বসে?

কিছু না, দেখি ঐ একলা চাঁদ,

তুমিই তো চাঁদ! নিজেকে নিজে দেখার এত সাধ!


ধেৎ! কি যে বল না যা তা?

আমায় পটানোর ফন্দি এটা!

আরে না, না সুন্দরী ললনা!

পটানো আমার কাজের মধ্যে পড়ে না!


তোমার কাজের মধ্যে কি পড়ে শুনি?


তবে তাই হোক! কাছে এসো, বলছি এখনই!

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Peace Of Strength


Through The Dark Night I See Smoke
And In The Day I See Glistering Mist
But In The Time I Reached Out
I Could Not Feel Your Breath
If You Rise And Fight On
I Will Be There For You

And If You Break Down
I Sweat I Will Catch You
I Swear I Will Be There For You
And Until The Day I Cry
I Will Not Give Into The Dark
Never Will I Give Up On Your Smile
Never Will I Say
I Can't Do This Anymore

For What Strenghth I Can't Bring Forth
You Give Me That Inner Peace
I Can't Forget That Ever
You Have Earned A Place In My Heart
Not Because Of What You've Done
Not Because Of What You've Said
But Because Of Who You Are
And What You Mean To Me

And In The End
You Are What Gives Me Strength
You Are The One
Who Keeps Me Moving Forward
You Give Me The Words
When I Have Nothing Else To Say
And When I Was On The Edge Of Giving Up
You Were Always There For Me

Watch you, Watch me

My Everything

You watch me,

Dilated eyes

A hunger,

A need


I watch you,

Widened eyes

A craving,

A plea


The space surrounding

Grows to a dim


Just you and me

And this Wednesday whim


You feel me

Shameless hands

A journey

A design


I feel you

Stirring hands

A show

A crime


The space surrounding

Grows to a dim


Just you and me

And this Wednesday whim












Beyond the Fence



Surrounded with good postured grass and newly fallen leaves

My eyes soak up sparkling dew and lungs rejoice with the breeze

My private haven, with bright greens and sunshine gold’s

A place where my imagination can soar, and beauty is bold


This magnificent meadow, with vibrant colors and rich smells

Every strand of dark green grass has a story to tell

My admiration, my escape, this secluded refuge serves

My gaze is set on climbing trees, with their out stretched arms that curve


This caring defense, of plump bushes and soaring trees

Save me from the outside world, yet lets me be free

I watch the graceful decent, of an autumn leaf,

Flow to a calm bed of grass, which lie beneath


I peer upon a family of rocks, caught between day and night

Relaxing in the Earths cool soil, yet bathe in deep sunlight

These fluid thoughts, abetted by the breeze

A place, my place; my mind set free

Muses of Life


And what I desire

Isn’t time

But what time justly gives

Moments lost

Yet treasured in darkness

A home in me; they live

And what I crave

Is of no value

Where dollars make no sense

Afflictions united

Where dreams blossom

Precious time well spent

And what I lust

Is not of flesh

But something to shock my core

A riveting tale

So wholesomely made

Never needing anything more







Running In Alone


Don't Worry About It
I'll Make It By Myself
But I Honestly
I Can't Do This By Myself

Never Surrender
But Don't Give In
I'll Make It Out Alive
I'll Make It Out In One Piece

If I Forget
Then I'm Sorry
Because I Was Lost
I Was Walking In The Dark
And In The Darkness

I Found My Light
I Found You
And When I Found You
Love Engulfed The Darkness
And There Was Only Love Left

I Couldn't Have Done This
Without Your Help
I Would Rather Be With You
Because Honestly
There's No Place I'd Rather Be
I Would Snuggle You
With All Of My Heart

And If There Was Anything
I'd Give Else For This
There Wouldn't Be A Thing
Not a Single Thing
No Amount Of Money
No Amount Of Fame
Can Buy Me
This Peace Of Mind

The Perfect

My Everything

The perfect timing

When eyes meet

Double sided mirrors

Seeing down deep

The perfect moment

When lips collide

Red tulips together

Never wanting to divide

The perfect sound

When whispers dance

From ear to ear

In a trance

The perfect love

Always new

Everyday a reason

My love is true

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the struggle of life, our love prevails.

Sundown Eyes


And the sky took with light

Reflected in my eyes; beaming

Feeling lighter and bright

Submerging my soul; dreaming


I’ve fallen into the crescent

A tight woven bond

Enriching the present

A long road too fond


A candle in the distance

Awakens the depths inside

A higher purpose of existence

From you, I cannot hide


I have fallen in to your grace

No sense of time; still

A torch for my darkened place

Adventures in twilight; surreal

When Beauty Becomes Curse!

Her exceptional beauty,

Is a curse to her currently,

Wherever she goes,

Each greedy guy with eyes her beauty devours.


At times she is happy,

Like the woman who has won the best trophy,

In the Miss World competition,

When she gets fair compliments from any person.


At times when the bad ones do tease her,

She shrinks herself like the touch-me-not ever.

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