The dream

Always the same dream 

A sun covered in blood 

Over a field of grey

Lifeless thousands 

Innocents where Death took them

Now waiting for judgement

Waiting to judge

Blackness with a red star

Shining down on the aftermath 

Death has a large appetite 

Its jaws bite down on all

Gnawing on their inanimate bodies

The dying are crying out against it

But their life is but a candle in a breeze

Soon to extinguish

They were but innocents 

Caught in the crossfire

But not I

Too long have I fought this war

Come Hades, come quickly old friend

My time is near 

And I am tired

Take me

Treading Water

What's the purpose in this life of mine
To keep swimming in an ocean without end
The tide pulling me far from shore
They say I'm fine
That I'll survive
But I'm only human
My strength is leaving fast
How long can I stay afloat?
I sink into nothing
A world where I can't breathe
Fire within but water without
In poisoned air
Finally a dream come true
A never ending dream
Isn't life beautiful?
It is now...

You are Beautiful Ever!

You are beautiful ever like Freya!

Like Aphrodite ageless you are,

My heart feels like roaming in Ginnungagap,

When like Lucrezia does appear your manner!


As cutting the heart into two parts,

Refers to the death of a person,

So does the condition become,

When you devoid me of your attention.


Yet I can never turn myself into Loki,


Even if you have a heart tough as rocky!

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On a morning walk I chanced to see
That is both Deborah and I,
From a pier that juts into the sea...
Pigeons in the sky.

We see many birds as we meander
So one may wonder...why
With pelicans and herons, who seem grander
Did we notice pigeons in the sky?

The pigeons were flying, to our elation
Silently, wings spread
In one harmonious formation
Just above our heads.

Left and right, up and down, they flew
In a wonderful display
And we were there to witness anew
Their beautiful ballet.

How do they do it? fly as one
Perhaps we’ll never know why
As they dance in the shadow of the sun
And waltz across the sky.

Then again, we don’t have to know
For our life to be enhanced
The beauty is not in knowing
The beauty is in the dance.

And life needs more grace and symmetry
More moments that beautify
More moments of surprise and mystery
Like pigeons in the sky.

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You Look

You look white as a lily,

Innocent as a daisy,

Beauty of yours is like a rose,

Spirituality like a sunflower from you flows!


 You are sacred as a lotus,

Like the tulips red are your lips thus,

Your smile is like the daffodils in fact,

So full of ecstasy, so perfect!


I do not know how to compare your prettiness,


You ever stand apart when it comes to loveliness!

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Philosophy of a Life-song

If your life was a song,

what would it sing?

Would it's lyrics edify?

Will it speak of the many people who's 

lives were touched by your existence?

Is it going to show that you stood for something?

Compose a motif that others will want to replicate.


Beautiful Imagery

I cannot help myself
against the slender slopes
hidden beneath her denim skin.
Inside me, there is a wolf, searching
to sheer this sheep's clothing
so that I may devour her.
Perhaps her She-Wolf would
exhale stifled howls, inviting me
to prowl freely and roam with Spirit.
Or perhaps I'm imaging such
in truth, I pray secretly
for 'sheepish' prey.
No trust for this lust;
I've lost myself before
to beastly beckoning echoing from bedrooms,
bidding consent to cum hither
for back breaking acrobatics -- 
but silence is my only partner these days,
karma suiting my insatiable inclination
for constant Kama Sutra sessions.


Maybe it's best to hold
my breath...
and let this blood red Moon
This wolf will go
waiting, quietly,
for a chance.


CLF 2015

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Red Angel!

Like a red angel she did look!

I was speechless,

When I saw her at that very moment,

My heart was beset with happiness!


I wished I could stare at her on and on!

But the situation was not in my favour,

Even if it was, perhaps I could not do so,

The place was full of people however.


It is for sure that she loves me,


As seeing me ever she smiles sweetly!

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The Beautiful Girl in Red

Like a child I was extremely glad,

Seeing the princess-like-girl in red,

She seemed to descend from heaven,

And like a thief stole my heart right then!


My heart was beating like the drum,

I stood up like the Statue of Liberty being mum!

I wished to kiss her rosy lips passionately,

God knows how much love I had for her in me!


Alas! I could not tell her “I love you”,


Why it happened, well, I did not know!!!

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