Beating Heart Part 2

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Beating Heart Part 2

Verse 1:

I can feel your heartbeat

Whenever you are with me.

Little did I know

That this would be

My first and last love.

You’re everything I need and want.


Even if I fall in love

With somebody else,

You’re my everything.

No one else compares.

It just won’t work out

As much as we love each other.

‘Cause this beating heart

Is your’s to keep.


Verse 2:

I get tired of waiting.

We both met when

We were young.

It felt right.

Everything fell into place.

‘Cause this is our love story.


When I first met you,

I felt like I knew you.

It was so natural

For both of us

To be together.

Don’t let me go

‘Cause this beating heart

Belongs to only you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Forgot who I wrote this for. Written a few months back.

Sing Sing

Positive Thought


On a branch

outside Sing Sing

trying to cheer her

favorite prisoner

a bird sings


saiom shriver


Footnote: Sing Sing is a NY State prison, located in Ossining New York







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My Revelation (Work in Progress)

My Revelation

As I sit here typing, it cannot be more clear that for the first time in four years, I have become aware of my disassociation. This life felt unreal, it had lost all appeal. I was left yearning to be full and my anxiety, had taken over. 

I no longer cut my and carve my skin, and I consider that a win, for my life was feeling so bleak. I have eaten my emotions for the last time, it is my time to rise, I refuse to continue being weak. 

No more crying, no more excuses, the time for action is now. My loathing for existance will be drown out, and I will finally find bliss. Soon, the love of my life shall feel an altar kiss. 

This woman shine bright, much brighter than the sea. She has bright eyes and a brighter smile, she is loving and completely wild. Her red hair is long and free. She has my heart, all my love, and with her I will always be.

This woman has saved my life, she has brought me a burning light and chased away my demons. So on that day I will be grateful, I will be honest and true. The day that will be my best, is the day I say, "I do."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Work In progress. But it's from the heart.

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Tell Me a Story

Tell me a story

I've never heard before

Of faraway lands

And long-distant shores

Of knights and their honor

Of sweet maidens fair

Exercise your eloquence

To transport me there


Tell me a story

Of love won and lost

Of heroes unwavering

No matter the cost

Sing me a lullaby

Of joy and regret

And maybe, just maybe

I'll learn to forget

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The Bouttonniere and Corsage


I'm walking by a place,

A place that has lost its reason to walk by.

Now I look at it with a somber face and a heavy heart.

I do recall the times i was here,

the joy and cause I had to visit here.

But its not those reasons that make me low.

Not the nostolgiac talks or even the cause of the past that weighs on my soul.

It is the joy of then, and lack of it now that brings me low.

The smiles that were, the smiles that aren't and smiles that could have been

The smiles that could have been.


Now instead I walk falsely,

to make light of what weighs heavy.

To make light of what weighs heavy.

I hold my head a little higher, stand a little straighter,

work a little harder; work a little too hard.

Joke a little more, laugh a little louder and smile,

Smile a little too much.

To make light of what weighs heavy at the place I'm walking by.

A Precious Gift

A Precious Gift

If our love was blind,
I would find a way to see it
If it was unable to speak,
I would find a way to say it

And if it was unable to hear
I would find a way to listen
But our love isn't blind
It sees from within our hearts, minds, and souls

Love is a very precious gift and to receive,
but once it is lost,
It can never be returned in the same way again
Love can't be measured in size or strength

For it is what is within our heart
And it can't be described in every way
For we all love differently !

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Unending Love

Unending Love

After all of this time of being apart
We still love each other, with all of our hearts
I can't find the words to express how I feel
Sure, I'm glad that you're back

yet it just doesn't seem real
You've been gone for so long
But now you reappear and say
that your love is still strong

I couldn't believe what I was hearing
Yet in my heart, there's something that I'm fearing
I loved you too much once, and you left me alone
I want you with me forever, not for me to wake up and you be gone

I've cried over you so many times before,
And it all seemed useless, like the sands on the shore
I've waited and waited, on your return,
Now you're back with me, and our love does once more burn

You say you'll never love me as you once did;
I feel the same, because a painful memory is hard to rid
Yes, I told you that I'd been with others, same as you
But even with them, my love for you so much

Is it your ways, your personality, or your gentle touch ?
I believe it's a combination of them all
So whatever happens this time,
Please, don't make me take another fall !

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By JFarrell



In each others’ arms,

We look up at the moon,



In the darkest indigo

Of a cloudy night

The moon bursts through the clouds

A bright silvery guide, in the sky

Some of the thick cloud is inpenetratable

And makes the moon look like a heart,

My heart, bursting with love for you


Can you feel my heart beating?

Can you feel my arms around you?

Can you feel my soft kisses on your neck?


Your moon is younger than mine

After all, we are six hours apart,

But, under the moon,

We are both here, now



I so love you.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

the power of imagination

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Haqueian Verse


Your musk,

Be yourself,

Be humane and bring,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A new form of poetry created by me is called ‘Haqueian Verse’, which starts with a single word; it has five lines that contain ten words in total. The poem ends with a single word that rhymes with the first word. 

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