Success, Counted Sweetest







Success, Counted Sweetest


I learned of success

by watching bird species fly

—retracing their flight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A haiku that was inspired by one of the works of an American poet from Amherst, Massachusetts (Emily Dickinson), who is probably my most favorite poet.  Thank you for reading on!

Just Ask, Do Not Assume

January 2019
beginning to lose her patience; 
short-tempered quite frequently no one knows, for she goes unnoticed
not one has seen the flame once so small for now its a blazing and raging fire within. she remains silent. only to concentrate solely on her journey at hand.  with daily strength and success for almost a year now. for she is true to herself on the inside and out; that's all that matters to her is that she stays true to herself. what people may think of her, or assume about her, or are skeptical about her, or why they may doubt her, or why they question to themselves about her - she has not a care for; false thoughts and untrue accusations honestly are none of her concern for if she did care, she'd be allowing the enemy to take over her thoughts in her mind she's only concerned about herself and her journey. she tries not to care; but deep down when she's alone she cries herself to sleep each night. the outside no longer cares; inside her heart begins to harden  once again, starts to shut out the world completely;
eventually, there will no longer be hurt, always being interrupted in her speaking,her thought or idea is wrong they say. being cut short in every encounter;rage is beginning to burn brightly, the harden heart; will reveal the truth about her pain those have caused her. her soul will be set free. 
avoid her, cut her short, no longer caring to speak to her; or to hear from her anymore.  a question, a thought, or an idea, even those encounters are practically nonexistent in her world;  
as brief as a lightning strike her soul begins to show from behind those eyes opened wide, she can see the light fading quickly;for in beginning it to burn brightly now in her eyes, she can see that it's going out. for when she started this journey she began to be happy again, that for many years happiness was absent in her life. until she found a new way, a journey that was beginning to give her meaning, 
a purpose, she had meaning in her life. although she continues to be successful, for she has not had a stumble, a slip, or a fall since day one and even today there is still none.
there are NO intentions or a desire to slip, to stumble, or to fall but to keep moving forward as she has been since the beginning of her journey. a step at a time, a prayer at a time, still learning, 
still growing in faith, still has love, the light that once began to glow is now being snuffed out by: the unasked question that they can't answer, the look from others doubting eye, a grapevine statement, an accusation, 
an assumption that others think to be true. the wildfire that started to burn brightly within her is now just a glow being snuffed out by those around her!
why? the fire of happiness is unknowingly causing her to begin to harden her heart all over again after so many stepping stones that have been reached along her journeyed path. 
Does she begin to feel what's the point? if they put out the flame, will she still have a meaning, a purpose the situation is being threatened. not one of them is willing to ask her the question that they have on the tip of their tongues. they would rather doubt, question themselves, assume things, which must be true...think again...ask the situation. her journey is a successful one; she still tries to help others: the good, the bad, and the ugly it's an act of kindness, she talks to everyone still from all walks of life. 
for she does not judge others even as they judge her, she lends an ear where it's needed, she just wants someone to listen, or to lend her ear to listen to someone, or to lend a helping hand in their time of need, that's not what others see, they see you with someone, somewhere, they don't see eye to eye with so, they assume and accuse she must be a failure... saw her or what they thought was a bad situation when all she's been doing is lending an ear or a helping hand to someone in their time of need. someone somewhere could always use a hand when someone is down on their luck in all walks of life whether they are one of the good, the bad, or the ugly. she sees good in every heart. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Never assume the worst when it is nothing but hear say, it can really hurt someone within, it can break their heart words do hurt but so does false accusations, and rumors. Put yourself in their shoes 


Hand Written
"To think, 
back when I had asked
the exhausted man looking back,
eyes bloodshot, 
cheeks lined with scruff,
sweat on brow,
mr. mirror, who are you? 
Why are you here?
To think, 
years ago, barely alive,
that five more since then
I'd be sitting in this chair, 
typing away like I once did,
amid all the vivid scenes
that replay in my head,
when I could be dead,
instead flit the pen,
the flutter it dances across the page,
not my life away,
but my name,
in another book,
the fifth,
the poetry that has kept me alive,
kept me going,
from the time I wanted to die,
words spinning for no reason
to now,
hard to believe 
that perhaps destiny
kept me writing,
and I have succeeded.
Not in making it big,
not in making money,
but making art.
Five years apart."
Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's been a while! Please stay tuned for what's next! (Serious, this time!)


It’s just wow,

I don’t know how,

I have ended up winning in conclusion,

The prize in the poetry competition!


The feeling is just out of the world,

As if I were in a dream world!

I feel like being a Nobel Laureate at present,

I can’t express how glorifying to me it’s meant!


I thank the readers from the heart’s core,


Such deference lets me write more and more!

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A Few Steps Away!

A few steps away I am!

From what we call ‘success’,

Or ‘glory’ is the one they prefer,

I would rather call it ‘happiness’!


Success is nothing but delight,

If you are happy, then you are successful,

If you are not, then you should strive to be so,

Like Zuckerberg presenting something wonderful!


The exterior and interior smiles are nearby,


Gloom and vulnerability would face one word ‘bye’!


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আমি এমন সফলতা চাই না

আমি কোনও রাজনৈতিক দলের তকমা লাগাতে চাই না কখনই,

আমি কবি, আমি ইয়াগোর মত সুবিধাবাদী ও চাটুকার নই,

আমি তাদের মত নই যারা দিনরাত মাছির মত ঘুরঘুর করে,

কোনও নেতার ঘরের অন্দরে বাহিরে।


আমি লিখি কারণ লিখলে আমার ভালো লাগে,

হৃদয়ে অগ্নিগিরির মত আলোড়ন জাগে,

ফুল যেমন নিঃস্বার্থভাবে সুগন্ধি সৌন্দর্য ছড়ায়,

আমার বর্ণের মালাও তেমন জোনাকির মত আলো ছড়ায়।


আমি ধিক্কার দেই তাদের যারা মানুষ নামের কলঙ্ক,

আমি ধিক্কার দেই তাদের যারা লেখক নামের কলঙ্ক,

আমি ধিক্কার দেই যারা লেখে শুধুমাত্র একটি গোষ্ঠীর স্তুতি গেয়ে,

আমি ধিক্কার দেই তাদের যারা এসব জেনেও রয় হাবার মত চেয়ে!


আমার বর্ণমালাই কি আমার হয়ে প্রতিবাদ করে না?

আমার বর্ণমালাই কি সহস্র সুপ্ত হৃদয়কে আলোড়িত করে না?

আমার বর্ণমালাই আমার তরবারি, স্টেনগান, এবং বোমা,

আমার বর্ণমালাই টিরেসিয়াসের মত যায় বলে, নেই ক্ষমা, নেই ক্ষমা!


হ্যাঁ, যদি অন্যায় করো, নেই ক্ষমা,

হ্যাঁ, যদি অন্যের পথের কাঁটা হও, নেই ক্ষমা,

হ্যাঁ, যদি ঠগবাজের মত শর্টকাটে সফল হতে চাও, নেই ক্ষমা,


হ্যাঁ, যদি মানুষ হয়েও পশুর মত মন থাকে তোমার, নেই ক্ষমা।

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Success is Like a Ripened Fruit

Success is like a ripened fruit,

Patience is the root,

In both the cases,

Like henna comes later the colour of success.


Celestial indulgence success brings!

It provides the heart with the wings,

To take flight in rapture,

Until death comes over.


When the successful ones smile,


The inspired ones yearn for doing something worthwhile.

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My Father’s Ironman Medals

-       He is a lawyer, a father, a son, a golfer and triathlete. My father’s Ironman medals have become a symbol of him. They are placed in the center of our living ROOMDescription: in a special base he selected so everyone can see them as they enter our house. The medals he has earned come from different places; they have different background, different shapes and different stories of pride, effort, sacrifice, and over all success.  Everyday he wakes up at 5 am to train; he swims, runs, does extremely long rides in his bike. He has fallen down, cried, spent hours without sleep, lost weight, gained weight, traveled and competed for every single one of his medals. Knowing that only a few people have the same collection of medals he has makes him proud and pushes him to get more. He knows that he will never end up in first place but it is not about the place he ends up in, it is about the journey, the people, the family support, the cheers, the location, the team, the life style, the pride and the stories that he gets in the end. The medals are just the physical representation of the months of training for the competition. Although for many people this journey represents a total of 140.6 miles, divided in: 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles riding his bike and 26.2 miles running, for him it is a culmination of all his work throughout the months in one medal. For 14 hours he will be giving every single breath, gram of effort in his body and thought to achieve his goal. He has changed teams, coaches, bikes, uniforms, diets, tennis shoes but he’s stayed with the same mission of traveling around the world competing in as many places as he can and keep on getting life experiences. If his determination has showed me something is that if you want something and its important to you, you will sacrifice things to get that symbol of success that comes from reaching your goal; it might be a medal, a grade or a job. I know that is why the medals will continue to be shown with pride in my house, for symbolizing the effort and the struggle to get to your goal. In some years he will continue to tell the stories to anyone willing to listen and to anyone who appreciates what they symbolize.

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Larger than Life

I want to be,

Larger than life truly,

Like an epic hero,

Not like Nero.


I want to grow,

And to the world show,

That anything is possible,

With poise anyone can be unstoppable.


Only for a few years we tread,

Looking for success ahead,

Those who worship hard work,

Do leave the desired mark.


Won’t it be wonderful,

Living amid the hearts plentiful,

Even after our shadows cease to exist,

Fading away like the luminous mist?


Perhaps that star,

Is not that far,

Perhaps still far away,

That I want to seize one day!


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