Mars And Neptune


This writer once knew a somewhat irate man.  His secretary was
one of the few who could stand him. His mars was conjunct her neptune. 
His anger (one aspect of mars) amused her (neptune).  His crimson mars
was transmuted by her neptune rose colored glasses.

In other conjunction cases, the water sign neptune of one can melt away the mars will of another.

Dick Gregory's astrologer Jerrtha Love did an analysis of those
in jail for sex crimes and found that many had conjunctions,
oppositions or squares of mars and neptune in their birth charts.

Perhaps a sex crime could be compared to a Satanic pitchfork, made of Neptune's trident colored by Mars' red aggression.

But there are myriad millions of instances in which the energy of mars actualizes the highest heights of Neptunian mysticism.


-saiom shriver-



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The Skin Of A Peach

Art, Music, Dance

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The skin of the ripe peach...
pastels of lemon, saffron, pink
and gold, with a touch of crimson...
the fruit gift inside is gold or
so who can say what color peach is.


  -saiom shriver-



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The River of Your Hair

Perverse & Bazaar
Sun-ripened like the tender skin of a 
sweet pear,
flowing infinitely downward
past and onward still;
a nape of neck, but ever downward,
Her almond tresses spill.
Bare shoulder brushing 
aside the tickle
but still a trickle downward,
ever onward,
never still.
Between her breasts 
where hill meets dale,
most beautiful curtain
creates immaculate veil.  
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What Was And Is


I know I have said before

That I was a shaved lamb

And I was the the angel

With the dirty hands


I know I still have them

I know they are still dirty

But even worse

They are stained


They are now crimson

Yes, with blood

I have murdered

But not on purpose


No, not at all

But still I was convicted

“Unintentional manslaughter”

But I didn't go to jail


I was instead forced to live

With my parents at their house

For 3 years, and as if that wasn't enough

I still have another 12 years on probation


What do I do now?

Wait? Well, I guess I have to

Until what? These 15 years are over?

I guess I have to


Not like I want to

But still, I have to

Until I'm 42 it seems that I must

Live by their constricting ways



Written on

March 22, 2013



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as an ode to my sentence. I was convicted of unintentional manslaughter. No I don't think that I will have to wait for my life to start in my fourties. It's already starting. Smile

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