Nothing but a Fable

Happily ever after doesn’t exist.

Not when people like you also exist.

I bought myself a new suit of armor so you don’t drive another knife in my back.

I told the vendor to hold the stallion because human legs were never for aesthetic purposes.


I wanted to walk the face of the Earth with you using my own.

We would’ve walked more than a thousand miles together to chase the sun and avoid the night.

And I never needed to worry about my tired legs.

They built up a tolerance from walking in the coastal sand and helping me keep up with dirty dishes.


I told you about my demons and how quickly I am to care when I’m shown an act of kindness.

Mother always lectured me that no matter how small they may be, they are never in vain.

But there is such a thing as being too kind. There is such a thing as temptation.

The best of us cave in once, twice, or maybe more than that when we write in our diaries.


You were like such a book to me and I trusted you, but never did I expect that you’d defile my soul

By persuading me to partake in activities that I would never in my right mind do.

I should have recalled the fable of a girl who trusted a poltergeist that haunted a similar diary.

Had I not flee the moment I saw your true character, I would have joined her in death.


Looking back, I understand that diaries are the keys to starting fires and turning innocents into fugitives.

You can try with all your might to pry my mouth open to get me to spill any more beans

But my lips are staying sealed because I know who you really are and I finally learned my lesson.

You never exposed me. You only leaked a chapter that was part of a book you never read.


So why bother showing it to you knowing that my real friends and family will be endangered as well?

I know that a deluded man gambled away so much ammo to the vipers that he became a trainwreck.

I swear on my recurring nightmares that any answers to your questions will be used against me.

Truth and justice is a concept invented by people and after all, people do make mistakes.


God bless the right to remain silent.

Because even the condemned understand that its value supersedes a vault of gold

That the draconian blackjack dealers steal from the poor that desire to play with them.

Where was Robin Hood when I needed him most?


Flash forward to a single year and I’m now twenty-five with an art degree in hand.

I’ve spent all that time studying my ass off and avoiding the vipers that plague my past.

I was with my true friends who never give a shit about your deceit when I realized I never needed you.

Preparing for financial exams under the tutelage of a bright mathematician was like you never existed.


So the next time you see me, I won’t grovel on the pavement begging you to take me back.

Instead, I’ll look the other way and French kiss my new admirer in front of you.

Just to let you know that I changed for the better and you missed out on the life we could’ve had.

I am fortunate to understand that your absence last summer turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


I dare you to call me an idiot again!

I dare you to call me a chicken!

I dare you to say that I’m going down

While you hide behind the blackjack dealers that love you for show!


There’s always someone out there willing to give you a taste of your own medicine anyway.

How did it feel when even Discordia didn’t want anything to do with you?

Was it salty and sour like your attitude and your deceit?

Cavities caused by the consumption of these candies are a pain for dentists to fill.


And just like that, you disappeared from the face of the Earth again. Hopefully, for good this time.

You can erase your identity from the world, but you cannot erase the marks your venom left behind.

You may still be on my mind from time to time, but I don’t see you in a virtuous light anymore.

You are nothing but a fable.

Summer Summit



The day of most light
the summit of summer...
pours gifts
on earth
in silent waves
of the solar drummer


saiom shriver

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"Summer Cotton Dress"

by Jeph Johnson

awareness amplifies yet reason is muddled when surveying the physical charms residing underneath a yellow 

summer cotton dress

wondering what legs and arms with taut tendons teach when shimmying and crippling one's just out of reach sinewed mystique

galloping bosoms may lurch forward a tad enabling a vague vestige of nipple to search for an eyeful of power

yes, awareness amplifies when physical charms coalesce underneath a yellow 

summer cotton dress

psyche creates a carnal impulse to fondle fleshy folds of fascination found inside frictionous fantasies 

so when offered a girl to touch with purpose one is instead resigned to yearning a tiptoe dancer twirling and hugging a dear life stripper pole

for proof tonight's goal is to snap an "up in your face" cellphone selfie with permission from the bouncer of course

the unadmired and aloof conquistador persona doesn't apply despite the envy of conquering by force an archetype that relinquishes nothing true destiny provides

rejection incubates an ugly embryo of misogyny if things are not just so

so the easy for most solution becomes a task tantamount to impossible:

unnegotiated enthusiastic consent

so until winter again comes 'round romance hides underneath a brown 

summer cotton dress 



Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Summer Haze

365 Day Challenge


It was not a normal summer,


In fact, it was like nothing I’ve ever had before.


And this year,


I think I liked it more.




It was quick to move on,


No dwelling on the past,


We made the most of our minutes,


Trying to make it last.


Late nights at the lake,


Long days enjoying the sun,


Never forgetting the feeling,


For we knew there might never be another one.




Looking back, it was the best I’ve ever had,


Living life under the sun’s blaze,


Never worrying, no stress,


Just enjoying life in a summer haze.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Day 10, one of my favorites thus far, brings back great memories. :)

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Afternoons in August (day 36)

I crack the window,

inhale and emerge into stillness,

surrounded by sweat and tired cicadas


We take comfort in the concrete

roughing up our heels

as we sprint past sweet nostalgia

in the middle of the summer haze


When the sun melts away all the oxygen

the world is asleep

but weeks trickle by, oblivious

There’s something freeing about

being frozen in time in the summer


We taste the carefree paralysis

when hot air decides to fade and

silence all the spheres

Then suddenly we’re breathing the rain

Our voices echo in the steam and storms


We sink in and out of consciousness

along with the longest days,

seeming small again

in the face of the season that wraps me in warmth

when I slip out the screen door


Afternoons filled with spice and summer,

leaning on the one who makes me whole.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/6/16

Summer haze

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Open Road Summer


When May fades into June

and the days stretch ahead of us

like shadows on a warm summer night


When the breeze lifts the branches,

when the sunlight tells a story

I’ll meet you where the pavement ends


Just an open road,

a beautiful day,

feeling like we can’t lose


When the trees come to expect us

coming out the screen door every day,

and the winter frosts are all worth it


When we’re running forever

through cornfields and memories,

I’ll meet you at the edge of the world


We can leap off the tallest mountains,

run out of breath, rush the hay bales

and fall in love again and again and again


Just an open road summer,

a beautiful day,

feeling like we can’t lose

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/19/16

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Summertime is Gone

Summer's fertile touch of life puts itself to sleep.

The radiant clouds shower us in their frozen weep.

The raven caws outside the door,

Miasma is seeping through the floor.

We cannot hold out anymore,

For summertime is gone.


Winter's touch as cold as ice

Envelopes this world in it's chill,

Growing ever colder still.


Iron are the shackles that bind

The gentle warmth we leave behind.

Silver is the ice that devours

Every fern and every flower.


The call has been heard loud and clear.

The time for winter is finally here.


The raven's caw outside the door.

The miasma seeping through the floor.

That gentle fire may shine no more,

For summertime is gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after the first major snow (where I am) but edited and revised it before I posted it.

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Summer Nights




Blessed be thine eyes,

As I gaze upon the night.

Taken back by the beauty;

Everything silent, adorned in light.


Blessed be thine eyes,

As the moon lusters long.

Dispensing magical hours,

As the crickets sing their song.


Blessed be thine eyes,

Seeing the calming wind churn

Pieces of places and people

Eternity we will burn


Blessed be thine eyes,

The moonlight grass sways

Fragrances of firewood blossom

The sky has everyone’s gaze


Blessed be thine eyes,

Little bugs filled with light

Randomly illuminating

This faultless summer night








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Summer for light.
Fall for beauty.
Winter for clarity.
Spring for resurrection