Monthly Archive for January 2011

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Answer the Phone Poem 1SP Jan 11th
I'm Talking About Joseph Caleb Poem 1SP Jan 11th
So Just Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Escape To the Oasis Poem 1SP Jan 11th
One More Sunset Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Child Involved Poem 1SP Jan 11th
More Heart Poem 1SP Jan 11th
What I Admire So Much Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Let the Kids In the Hood Play Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Before I Poem 1SP Jan 11th
This Heart of Mine Poem 1SP 2 Jan 11th
In the Proper Respect Poem 1SP Jan 11th
No Point Poem motoxgurl2009 Jan 11th
The Story of Jane Doe (Part Two) Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
*It's Vertical* Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Going Down Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Boomerang Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Through the Grapevine Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Stagefright Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Against the Grain Poem edge_of_existence Jan 11th
Love is Poem ToxicKittyn 2 love, romance Jan 11th
Floridafy You Poem 1SP 1 Jan 11th
Little Momma All Alone Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Favorite Taxpayer Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Time For He-Time Poem 1SP Jan 11th
All Smiles Poem 1SP 1 Jan 11th
First Lady Poem 1SP Jan 11th
judging others poems Poem spiritallover 1 Jan 11th
Black holes and "Stars" Poem ray_strickland Ray Strickland RRFTB Jan 11th
vacation Poem iaminacocoon Jan 11th
Describing Love With One Poem Poem elliot_jordan2003 Jan 11th
Let's Dream Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Miss Universe Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Eyes On You Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Woman of God Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Mister Trapstar Poem 1SP Jan 11th
See Myself Back Home Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Every Night Is Fourth of July Poem 1SP Jan 11th
connection with my friends Poem alkaharuno clock Jan 11th
`A Line In The Sand Poem Blink Jan 11th
Can You Picture? Poem 1SP Jan 11th
To The Boy In The Red Feathers Poem Go-a-Green-a Jan 11th
Superwoman You Are Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Anonymous Donor Poem minustimer Jan 11th
That Sinking Feeling Poem Blink Jan 11th
observing. Poem steelrunner303 1 Jan 11th
When You're Looking in the Mirror Poem twyllamedina Jan 11th
Swallow This Down Poem twyllamedina Jan 11th
Cruel Intentions Poem twyllamedina Jan 11th
Reccession Romance Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Cocoa Kind of Flow Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Rainbow in the Slum Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Intimate Prayer Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Little Sherdavia's Heart Can Rest Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Do You Remember Overtown? Poem 1SP Jan 11th
My Dear Babygirl Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Parental Intervention Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Liberty City Street Lights Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Face of the Slum Poem 1SP Jan 11th
MOMENTARILY Poem twyllamedina Jan 11th
When You're Used to Being Alone Poem twyllamedina 2 being alone Jan 11th
A Step Closer Poem twyllamedina 1 Jan 11th
Label Me a Narcissist Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Land of the Free Poem 1SP Jan 11th
This One's For Us/ Single Fathers' Anthem Poem 1SP Jan 11th
Starting Today Poem 1SP Jan 11th
If Tomorrow Aint Promised Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Prayer of Hope Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Purpose For Living Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Child Nurture Mother 101 Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Miami Style Throwback Poem 1SP Jan 12th
On Behalf of My People Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Rainbow In the Slum Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Rise of a Great Nation Poem 1SP Jan 12th
If I Could Touch Your Face / To Savannah : The Stillborn Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Blessed To Be Your Son Poem 1SP Jan 12th
The Comfort of Your Kiss Poem 1SP Jan 12th
The Sensitive Side of This Man Poem 1SP Jan 12th
The Way My Heart Sings Poem 1SP Jan 12th
This Man Before You Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Those Words Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Work of Art Poem 1SP Jan 12th
You Spoil Me Poem 1SP Jan 12th
You Try Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Something For the Youth Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Teachers Cannot Even Teach Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Tip This Fitted Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Separate Love Poem sbriere Jan 12th
Rogue Poem sbriere Jan 12th
The Riddle of Time Poem demented_irishman Rage, thought, time Jan 12th
Escape From Reality Poem WillowHeart Jan 12th
Fear...Feeling Poem WillowHeart Jan 12th
Freak My Black Poem 1SP Jan 12th
La Burumba No Sirve Poem 1SP Jan 12th
My grandson's country Poem princealexander 1 POETRY Jan 12th
Snow Poem elliot_jordan2003 Jan 12th
Only Time I Love to Exist Poem Avantgarde Jan 12th
AS WE APPOACH LIFE Poem heatherburns35 Peace Jan 12th
Duerme Conmigo Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Living Lies Poem 1SP 1 Jan 12th
It Used To Be Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Drive For a While Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Call Him Poem 1SP 1 Jan 12th
Why Him? Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Heavy Poem sbriere Jan 12th
heart Poem juliothegreat Jan 12th
Torsion Picking Poem Avantgarde Jan 12th
Demon's Eyes Poem Avantgarde Jan 12th
The Length Of My Poems Poem Go-a-Green-a 1 GoaGreena, length, Poems Jan 12th
This Room Poem AlejandroBonfil Jan 12th
A Dark Room Poem Blink 1 Jan 12th
Tick Tock Poem Blink 1 Jan 12th
Blood-soaked Beach Poem Blink Jan 12th
From What I Perceive Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Forever In Your Eyes Poem 1SP Jan 12th
First Thing On Sunday Morning Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Down With That Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Chocolate Temptation Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Anäya Poem 1SP Jan 12th
All This Aint Worth a Thing Poem 1SP Jan 12th
If You Let Me Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Get You On My Team Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Forgive Myself Poem 1SP Jan 12th
As of Now Poem 1SP Jan 12th
I Got Your Back Poem 1SP Jan 12th
If It Wasn't For You Poem 1SP Jan 12th
ABSOLUTE ROT Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 12th
A SACRIFICED YESTERDAY Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 12th
Hope You Don't Mind Poem 1SP Jan 12th
I'm For You Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Nothing To Prove Poem 1SP Jan 12th
So Far Yet All So Close Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Somewhere In This World Poem 1SP Jan 12th
The Calling In the Night Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Gentlest Smile Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Come'ere Girl Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Strong Black Woman Poem 1SP 2 Jan 12th
A Rose For You Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Bèl Fanm Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Come Take My Hand Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Get Through the Day Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Get At Your Boy Poem 1SP Jan 12th
A Lamarical Proposition Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Changed For You Poem 1SP Jan 12th
Broken Hearted Poem tattooedangel192007 Jan 13th
You Believed Poem 1SP Jan 13th
'11 Under Pressure Poem Joel 1 Crazy Jan 13th
Yehee Redbone Poem 1SP Jan 13th
Two Cents to My Name Poem 1SP Jan 13th
To Each Its Own Poem 1SP Jan 13th
That Goes Without Saying Poem 1SP Jan 13th
I Care Poem 1SP Jan 13th
Lamppost Poem Go-a-Green-a 1 Jan 13th
Honey With the Wicks Poem 1SP Jan 13th
Here I Stand Poem 1SP Jan 13th
tension and tension Poem alkaharuno tension Jan 13th
It is Difficult to Love Poem alisonsailer Jan 13th
Thought Pattern Poem MrEternity Abuse, bad friends, Life, moving on, rap Jan 13th
Quilted Together Poem edge_of_existence Jan 13th
That's Not How It Is At All Poem edge_of_existence Jan 13th
Toybox Poem edge_of_existence Jan 13th
With Alice And the Mad Hatter Poem edge_of_existence Jan 13th
Throwing Away Love Poem lovelymissrai Jan 13th
Your color is glowing pink Poem nickkler Drugs, love, secrets Jan 13th
I am so in love Poem nickkler Jan 13th
Substance Poem nickkler Drugs, love, relationships, secrets Jan 13th
a girl Poem alkaharuno true self Jan 13th
yard sale Poem iaminacocoon 1 Jan 13th
And Willingly Poem 1SP Jan 13th
Thug Woman Poem 1SP Jan 13th
West Hollywood parking tickets and such Poem ray_strickland Jan 13th
Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel Poem 1SP Jan 13th
Man of Color Poem 1SP Jan 13th
Beneath My Wing Poem 1SP Jan 13th
Rhythm Poem dakota Jan 13th
Circus machine Poem ray_strickland Jan 13th
The Death Of Moon Poem Blink 1 Jan 13th
I Feel Dead Poem Blink Jan 13th
Recovery Poem jade Jan 13th
please tell me why Poem youngpoet21 Jan 13th
There Isn't Another Man Poem 1SP Jan 13th
Every Minute Counts For Me Poem 1SP Jan 13th
what happen on the last day Poem alkaharuno with my friends Jan 13th
Let Kendrick Speak Poem 1SP Jan 13th
Mad Hating Poem 1SP Jan 13th
i'm only one and they are three Poem alkaharuno my brothers Jan 13th
Paper or plastic? Poem ray_strickland Jan 13th
Something Left (To Find) ReVamped Poem MatthewWayne Hope Jan 13th
Satisfaction Guaranteed Poem 1SP Jan 13th
Inside A Shipwreck's Secret Hold Poem wishful_thinking Jan 13th
A Sense of Belonging Poem 1SP Jan 13th
Here It Is Poem 1SP Jan 13th
My Beautiful Black Lady. Poem 1SP 2 Jan 14th
You'll see, one day Poem Avantgarde 2 Jan 14th
I Love You Poem 1SP Jan 14th
Willow Bark Poem wishful_thinking Jan 14th
Sexy As a Mother Poem 1SP 2 Jan 14th
Only Then Poem 1SP Jan 14th
Make Your House a Home Poem 1SP Jan 14th
future will not be mine Poem alkaharuno future Jan 14th
Sometimes... Poem Letty467 Hate, hurt, love, Pain Jan 14th
Steep Steps to Hell Poem Letty467 hell, metal, over-thinking, Song, trapped Jan 14th
Love is... Poem this_is_life Jan 14th
Deception Poem sbriere Jan 14th
Weapons Poem life_used_to_be... Jan 14th
Contractual Love Poem BrightEyes89 Jan 14th
Deepest Contrition Poem 1SP Jan 14th
The Ways of a Man Poem 1SP Jan 14th
TIME TO REST SAILOR Poem humanpulse Jan 14th
In This Life Poem butiefuldisgrace Jan 14th
Hopeless Poem butiefuldisgrace Jan 14th
Ask Poem butiefuldisgrace Jan 14th
Tell Me Poem butiefuldisgrace Jan 14th
Trusting, Obeying And Acting Poem trumpet7 Jan 14th
Follow Poem butiefuldisgrace Jan 14th
Black Holes Poem SpiltMilk 2 Jan 14th
With Hands Tender As I Poem 1SP 1 Jan 14th
You Alone Poem 1SP Jan 14th
Encasing My Heart In Bulletproof Glass Poem seatellite Jan 14th
I want to be more Poem geneconner2008 Jan 14th
Virtuous One Poem 1SP Jan 14th
De Novo Poem SpiltMilk 2 Jan 14th
everyone leaving Poem alkaharuno friends Jan 15th
where am i Poem alkaharuno about peoples Jan 15th
Opened Wounds Poem sanctus Jan 15th
But Sunshine Is Fading Poem sanctus Jan 15th
In A Field Of Shaded Glass Poem sanctus 1 Jan 15th
Hope Christ Gives Poem trumpet7 Jan 15th
Why Poem princealexander POETRY Jan 15th
cheering at your backside Poem alkaharuno for friends Jan 15th
My Helpmate Poem 1SP Jan 15th
His Fingers Trace The Narrow Path Poem IntoTheDawn emotion, Pain, Release, Suicide Jan 15th
Something Poem indian_princess Jan 15th
Dirty Poem Avantgarde 2 Jan 15th
My words Poem moon_dance Jan 15th
You are Poem moon_dance Jan 15th
Beautiful Blue eyes Poem moon_dance Jan 15th
1/14/2011 - It's been a few years Poem branbran Jan 15th
Drama boy Poem princealexander POETRY Jan 16th
The Sunset Poem IntoTheDawn colour, fire, sea, Sunset Jan 16th
Never a virgin to speak of Poem coffeewithleona... Jan 16th
Untitled-Jan 15, 2011 Poem Indya confusion, lost Jan 16th
A Child's Laugh! Poem josephus Jan 16th
remember? Poem deadcupcakeluv 2 Jan 16th
The End Poem shammy417 break ups, relationships Jan 16th
Things as of January, 2011 Poem Sivus Journal, Rant Jan 16th
Fever fever Poem life_used_to_be... Jan 16th
Programmable Fix Poem Sivus Escape, hurt, numbing, Pain, Sensitivity Jan 16th
Begin Our Life Full Of Dreams Poem unresolvedrelations Jan 16th
Me Poem unresolvedrelations Jan 16th