The Length Of My Poems

Why do I write such long poems?
Why do I ramble on and on and on?
Why do I keep going
three verses more
when my point is there?

I write for the simple sake of writing,
the feeling of accomplishment,
the wonder of the written word,
getting my true thoughts out of my head, 
through my heart and onto the page.

I write as long as I have the feeling,
the fire burning in my soul,
the beehive buzzing in my mind,
my hands just itching to get it all down.

I write what I'm thinking,
rambled thoughts
and contradicting phrases,
don't tell me they aren't in your mind too.

Sometimes you have to slow down,
listen to the words melt away,
watch the page transform,
watch your aura change.

I write for the sake of writing
because all writers are mad,
we all ramble,
we all wonder,
we all dream,
but I write it down.

So you hate my long poems,
so what?
I write because what I wanted to read
just hasn't been written yet
and I need to get it down.

I write those extra verses
to add more of the mood,
to add the feeling,
the depth
and yet,
no one feels it.

But that doesn't matter,
I could want to kill society
but anger is a waste of time
so I write.

This poem has no flow,
no real rhythm or rhyme,
but I'm writing for myself,
to get out the words I won't say
so I won't implode.

Writing is such a magical thing,
so full of galore and awe.
A word can pack a powerful punch,
and yet it's just a word.

Writing has so much more meaning
than speaking words aloud,
writing means the world to me
my soul on printed paper.

So I'll keep the depth,
the length, the magic
and let out the words
that you all won't say
'cause there just ain't enough flow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was getting so mad about people always telling me my poems are too long, so I wrote this poem.

Everything has an explanation.

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Really cool poem, totally

Really cool poem, totally agree!

"Banks got bailed out, we got sold out."