Describing Love With One Poem

You know alot of people want to try and define love.

They say love is when you meet that special someone you care about.

Love is when you will do anything to hold on to it and protect it

with every ounce of power you have.

There is so many different loves,

Puppy love,teenage love,highschool love,college love and true love.

Any man or women can say I LOVE YOU but it takes a true lover to express it,

without even thinking about it.

Love comes and love goes as quick as someone boarding a plan,

to see someone else and not knowing there true love is in terminal c,

trying to find them before they leave there lives forever.

A connection that no one would of thought existed.

Love has a strong power to raise you up or tear you down,

love can also strengthen your heart or break it.

Sometimes it can heel your broken heart by meeting that special someone,

and knowing that some day you will be able to marry that person

and spend the rest of your lives together.

It's an unbelievable feeling knowing your going to marry your bestfriend.

We should never fear love in the effect of being hurt,

we should trust love and let love guide us.

Some people are different and believe in love at first site or there are those

who rather wait and be sure it's true love and not a love fling.

When you say I love you compared to I LOVE YOU

you can tell right away which love they mean.

When that person can look into your eyes and say I LOVE YOU

you know they mean it, when someone says I love you quickly

and doesn't look into your eyes do you believe it?

Alot of people have said all they need to do is hear are those words and I know.

That is perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong with expression LOVE.

This is why Love is so unique, so I invite you to just sit there and be loved

don't question it,don't plan it,don't wait to define it, Just mean it

Don't interogate love, just believe it,enjoy it and respect what amazing things Love can do for you.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this just thinking of how much people quesstion love and judge it.

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