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Friends of Glass Can Kiss my Ass

FRIENDS OF GLASS CAN KISS MY *** BY JAMES MORRIS "MORRISJIMMYZ". There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity. we must love friends for their sake rather than our own, I do not wish to treat friendships like a glass that i may drop, but with the roughest courage. When friends are real, they are not glass threads or frost-work, but the solidest thing we know , whom we can trust utterly, who knows the best and worst of us, and who loves us in spite of all our faults, If we would build on a sure foundation surely our friendship would last though the fires of HELL 

and Friends of Glass Can Kiss my Ass

. By James Morris "Morrisjimmyz

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I'm starting to understand, starting to think
The way this industry works has got me to think
You only have friends if you have something to offer
Once your used up you are just a lowly pauper
In this microbial world, the real world is faded
The people aren't real, just enamored succubi
They'll take what they can and leave you curbside
To rust in the rain, while they gather their fame
The only thing that matters to their name
However not a single fuck is given any more
They can all burn with the rest of their fame whores
If this whole industry crashed I would be quite elated
Cause this whole experience has left me quite jaded.

Thought Pattern

Thought Pattern

Welcome to my intricacy,
I hope you find who I'm supposed to be,
Because it's been a while since I was who you see
I stopped living for you, now I'm living for me.

And the beat in my chest is too fast to step to,
Step three, I rip the cage and step through.
No, fool, I'm not the best but I'll best you
It's not that tough after what I've been through.

Talk shit on your own time,
This is my dime
And to listen is a thought crime
Rewind, let me see if I can still rhyme

I jump hurdles in the crop circles of your mind
Twist up thoughts until I've got you in a bind
I could swear last time you looked you were blind
Check again. Oh you got this one? You're too kind

I spent my life paying for your mistakes, ignoring mine.
I think it's time that I finally decline.
Go wallow in your life, I'm gonna go shine
Cuz I'm the star of this game, and there is no next line.

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To the people who abused my kindness, back when I allowed it to be abused.

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