Assured Through Christ

The Word of God

Assured Through Christ

Thoughts on Heaven are never said, until a loved one here is dead,
And words are said, that aren’t true, said by friends and family too,
No mention of eternal death or life, and no mention of Jesus Christ,
But, since a loved one here has died, now up in Heaven they reside.

The majority of souls today assume, that from Hell they are immune,
From their very time of their birth, until that time they leave this earth,
Based on that premise they are good, which is generally understood,
But during this life, The Good Lord, by that large majority, is ignored.

The very God, Who gives man breath, is ignored by many until death,
That of a loved one, friend or family, who then, speaks of an Eternity,
Although finding it hard to remember, even by a close family member,
When they spoke of a belief or faith, in The Lord or His Saving Grace.

We all know men who love the Truth, and some who display no proof,
Of knowing the One, Who we love, or are even mindful of God above,
Yet, when death comes to the door, they’re placed on Heaven’s shore,
Not aware of what’s revealed to us, through the words of Christ Jesus.

Christ spoke of eternal darkness friend; for many that will be their end,
That, if they leave their earthly place, without The Lord’s Saving Grace;
They may even see God as Creator, but never accept Christ as Savior;
Knowing Christ as Savior and Lord, is the only way Heaven is assured.

(Copyright ©01/2011)

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