Analog v digital

Perception v reality

Humanity v objectivity

Experience v existence

Recollection v memory

Moment v time

Essence v detail

Verbiage v promotion

Idea v concept

Cat v dog

Heart v stomach

Salad v sandwich

Dreams v awake

iPhone v Android (and all androids)

Despair v delete

Love v numb (so dumb, us people)

Equation v intuition

Simulated v real

Approximate v definite 

Close v precise

Soon v today

Now. Today. (Today-what a funny spelling for such a usual word!?)

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One tension disappears,

Another one peeks in like the rotating seasons,

As the earth moves around the sun,

As new diseases keep appearing for certain reasons!


The cycle of appearance and disappearance goes on,

The brain never ceases to handle strain,

Each moment like a soldier fights against the enemy,

Over and over again!


Yet the strong minds are scared of no anxiety,


They rather face it like a lion boldly!

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tension and tension

tension and tension

thats all i have

roller of my mind

first the tension of normal life

normal life with less tension

but wake up with new form of tension

when exam go

and think about what mom gonna do with us

after knowing my mark

she is ready to give me my result of that

and give me suggestion that i don't wanna have

my brother remind me 100 times in a day

study and study whole day

cause my exam not far from today

not let my mind think by myself

cause i have to first solve my earlier mistake

everything is look like mistake

cause i'am taking it like a mistake

tension of classes

think about it 3-4 hours before

cause i never take it before

every day they what u had learn

just show me and

ready to take another tension

that is tension and tension

all around in my mind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

tension of exam and studies and other thing thats what i tried to explain

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