My grandson's country

I grew in country, which was full of hate
To Jews, who never will be there treated equal
I am so happy that my grandson's fate
Allowed him in better country to be born and live - in happy family's
life saga sequel

I grew in country, where I've heard so many times:"Go away you, Jew, -
you are not welcomed here,
This land is Not your land" - and that was tough for me (and all those
Jewish boys and girls like me) to bear
My grandson, I believe, will never hear anything like this, while
wiping salty tears
In my New Country my grandson is proud to be Jew and he could live his
life in happiness pursuit without any fears

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I am so happy for your

I am so happy for your grandson.....May he  have a wonderful, happy life...
We all deserve this....and as for you, I am sorry those events happened to you....
Why can't people understand we are all people living in this universe, trying to do
the best we can. A little kindness means much in this life. The seeds we sow
will determine twhat we reap...this I believe...good luck....