A Point of View

Unpublished pieces

Every time I think of you,
the hairs on the back of my neck bristle.
I've tried, but something about you
turns my stomach.
Electric lights flick on and off.
Dreams begin and explode.
Diamonds are cut and faces
are ignored.
Pictures of empty bottles
littering a floor have
become the best thing I
can say about you.
You speak and it hurts my mind.
Your ignorance and stupidity
boggle my brain.
Like a whale jumping over
a lake. Like a zig zag heart
flipping the channel.
I shall take my
fingers and squeeze you
out of my mind like a ready
to burst pimple.
You talk to me like
you were the Prime Minister,
so self-assured of your
eloquent brilliance.
In fact, you have the mental
capacity of a dirt ridden snail.
You begin to explain,
and I just
pray inside that
your tongue falls out
of your mouth.

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OMG        I don't think you like this person...But expressed very well...