Monthly Archive for January 2011

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Y The Pain Poem crimsonangel24 hopeless depression Jan 27th
Confusion Poem crimsonangel24 break ups, confusion Jan 27th
Longing Poem crimsonangel24 1 longing for love Jan 27th
Questions Without Answers Poem crimsonangel24 falling again, questions Jan 27th
A Passing Love Poem crimsonangel24 love, past Jan 27th
My Promise Poem crimsonangel24 promises, unrelated Jan 27th
Dizziness Poem crimsonangel24 circles, dizzy Jan 27th
Friend Poem crimsonangel24 friendship, more than words Jan 27th
Unresolved Poem crimsonangel24 forbidden desire, possibility Jan 27th
My Protection Poem crimsonangel24 accidental, Pain, protection Jan 27th
The Silent Man Poem crimsonangel24 descriptive, man Jan 27th
Time Poem crimsonangel24 falling, time, what happens Jan 27th
Holding Back Poem crimsonangel24 break ups, not telling Jan 27th
Teachers Poem crimsonangel24 dfference, education Jan 27th
THE FIRE OF YOUR LIGHT ## Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 27th
Worthless Poem vanillabruise Jan 27th
For a friend Poem vanillabruise Jan 27th
'11 Sober Somber Slumber Poem Joel 1 Jan 27th
FRAUDULENT REALITY Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 27th
If Only For Tonight Poem Blink Jan 27th
The Spectrum's Arc Poem wishful_thinking 3 Jan 27th
Secret of Mine Poem SpiltMilk 1 Jan 27th
I'm Afraid Poem Holly--Priscilla18 Jan 27th
Colours Poem sanctus Jan 27th
The Poet in Me... Poem SoulKritiC Space & Time Jan 27th
The Final Word Poem crimsonangel24 Goodbye, relatshionship over Jan 27th
I Don't Have A Name For This Poem. Poem Holly--Priscilla18 Jan 27th
Daydreaming Poem vanillabruise 3 Jan 27th
Lace Poem vanillabruise Jan 27th
Journey With My Wife Poem trumpet7 Jan 27th
The River Poem crimsonangel24 hopeless depression, never leaving Jan 27th
Meeting The One Poem crimsonangel24 boyfriends, New Love Jan 27th
Souless Poem phoenixrising Jan 27th
The Great Journey Poem phoenixrising Jan 27th
What He Has Done Poem crimsonangel24 depression followed by happniness, relationship Jan 27th
Time Passage Poem crimsonangel24 letting go, reliving, rusting emotions Jan 27th
Ended Search Poem crimsonangel24 descriptions, discovery Jan 27th
An Understanding Poem crimsonangel24 caring for another, why? Jan 27th
Recovery Poem crimsonangel24 break ups, fictional story, new loves Jan 27th
Foreigner Poem vanillabruise Jan 27th
Drunk on blush Poem vanillabruise Jan 27th
he cares i know he does! Poem JustADreamGirl21 love Jan 28th
IT DOES'NT MATTER Poem chris Jan 28th
exam time Poem alkaharuno exam Jan 28th
EVER CLEAR # Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 28th
'11 Your Last Night Poem Joel 1 Jan 28th
Passion Poem crimsonangel24 affair romance passion Jan 28th
Preservation Poem crimsonangel24 animals, Birds, nature earth beauty trees Jan 28th
i will not bow to you!! Poem JustADreamGirl21 sorrow, yet accomplished and complete Jan 28th
Shadow Poem Blink Jan 28th
And Now, I Know How The Goldfish Feels Poem Blink 1 Jan 28th
Good Times Poem Blink Jan 28th
Abortion Poem sammajamma 4 abobrtion, Broken and Abused, Pain Jan 28th
abuse Poem sammajamma 2 child abuse Jan 28th
Cheater Poem sammajamma 2 cheating Jan 28th
counting footsteps Poem sammajamma child abuse Jan 28th
dont Poem sammajamma Jan 28th
Invisible Poem Tortured_Poet Jan 29th
Candy Poem Tortured_Poet Jan 29th
Love Sick Poem Tortured_Poet Jan 29th
Blind Poem Tortured_Poet Jan 29th
To Know Of Your Love Poem new_wave_franky 2 love song Jan 29th
Evolved Poem morkalg change, evolution, HOME, searching Jan 29th
Perfect Poem Tortured_Poet Jan 29th
Diary Poem Tortured_Poet Jan 29th
Blame Me Poem Tortured_Poet Jan 29th
Dream Poem workm Jan 29th
The Purpose and Plight Poem wishful_thinking Jan 29th
With You Poem Tortured_Poet Jan 29th
Cursed Poem Tortured_Poet Jan 29th
My Gypsy Man Poem lovelymissrai Jan 29th
Unfamiliar Poem Tortured_Poet 1 Jan 29th
Black Shuffling Cars Poem sanctus 1 Jan 29th
...Redux... Poem ranaessance Jan 29th
Under A Lipstick Sky Poem sanctus 1 Jan 29th
behind the poetry Poem mylovep0etry Jan 29th
The Color Of Yesterday Poem lyrycsyntyme Jan 29th
The Race Already Won Poem trumpet7 Jan 29th
Insomnia Poem crimsonangel24 School, sleeplessness Jan 29th
Unopened Hearts To Conceal The Pain Poem crimsonangel24 blocking pain, hurting, Pain Jan 29th
Loss Poem crimsonangel24 loss, Problems Jan 29th
Tis Raining Tears Poem crimsonangel24 Depression, raining, tears Jan 29th
My Artistry Poem crimsonangel24 poem, the creation of poets, Writing Jan 29th
Living Through Life Poem crimsonangel24 hopeless depression, sadness Jan 29th
become an evil Poem alkaharuno Evil Jan 29th
Egypt Poem humanpulse Jan 29th
If We Come To Trace The Music Poem new_wave_franky love song Jan 29th
What Lies Beyond Poem crimsonangel24 Depression, Life Jan 29th
The One Who Helps Poem crimsonangel24 friends, help Jan 29th
The Watcher Poem crimsonangel24 being watched Jan 29th
just a nobody Poem shadow88d 3 misunderstood Jan 30th
the killing fields Poem tibult Life Jan 30th
EVERY PARENT'S DREAM Poem chris Jan 30th
Together Poem thomasoh Jan 30th
Devotion Poem thomasoh Jan 30th
I let myself in with the cliche under your mat Poem coffeewithleona... 1 Jan 30th
A Love So Real Poem crimsonangel24 love, perfection Jan 30th
Loving Him Poem crimsonangel24 femme, love Jan 30th
They Have Said Poem crimsonangel24 hox, love Jan 30th
My Rock Bottom Poem jesusismyking25 Jan 30th
I Am Poem wishful_thinking Jan 30th
Epigram On Unexpected Criticism Poem Starward Jan 30th
PICTURES OF MY FATHER Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jan 30th
Love Propelling Poem crimsonangel24 Eternity, moving love, remaining Jan 30th
The Rose's Note Poem crimsonangel24 fictional story, Telling someone else, Unrequieted Love Jan 30th
Once Again, One More Poem crimsonangel24 fear of falling, trying to love Jan 30th
NEVER STOP Poem chris Jan 30th
MY FRIEND'S SUICIDE Poem chris Jan 30th
HIGHWAYS Poem chris Jan 30th
SNOW Poem chris Jan 30th
THE T Poem chris Jan 30th
She's Got Me Now Poem seatellite she got me now Jan 30th
You Will Never Know Poem venad98 2 Wounds Scars Pain Sorrow Lies Love Hurt Jan 30th
Painful Dreams Of Love Poem crimsonangel24 hurt, love, Pain Jan 30th
Wanting to Yet Unable To Poem crimsonangel24 love, yearning Jan 30th
emptiness Poem sammajamma 1 Jan 30th
Fag Poem sammajamma Jan 30th
Torn Between Light And Dark Poem venad98 Light Dark Torn Confused Choice Jan 30th
My Flower.. Poem workm 1 Jan 31st
It's Not Easy Being A Bunny Poem sanctus Jan 31st
The eyes of death Poem princealexander POETRY Jan 31st
And, I will Poem cerulean_soulhaze 2 love Jan 31st
Do You Remember When...? Poem IntoTheDawn 2 growing up, innocence, Memories Jan 31st
Oggy Song Poem IntoTheDawn frog, Nonsense, Song Jan 31st
ABOUT THAT HEART OF YOURS # Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 31st
Tonight Poem AlejandroBonfil Jan 31st
Teach Me Poem wishful_thinking Jan 31st
Fill Another Cup Up Poem 1SP Jan 31st