Thought Pattern

Thought Pattern

Welcome to my intricacy,
I hope you find who I'm supposed to be,
Because it's been a while since I was who you see
I stopped living for you, now I'm living for me.

And the beat in my chest is too fast to step to,
Step three, I rip the cage and step through.
No, fool, I'm not the best but I'll best you
It's not that tough after what I've been through.

Talk shit on your own time,
This is my dime
And to listen is a thought crime
Rewind, let me see if I can still rhyme

I jump hurdles in the crop circles of your mind
Twist up thoughts until I've got you in a bind
I could swear last time you looked you were blind
Check again. Oh you got this one? You're too kind

I spent my life paying for your mistakes, ignoring mine.
I think it's time that I finally decline.
Go wallow in your life, I'm gonna go shine
Cuz I'm the star of this game, and there is no next line.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the people who abused my kindness, back when I allowed it to be abused.

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