'11 Under Pressure

Under Pressure
Oh, Oh my, sweet holy hell!
How I dare, and start to dwell
These words from my mouth...
Am I just thinking out loud...?
My soul begins to reminisce,
Who should I blame for this?
Oops! There it goes...off again,
laughing to its own bitter end.
My eyes see what they want;
with a simple blink, all is gone.
It is now quiet with my heart in a race;
I'm listening, unable to control the pace.
I'm to blame, I blame, I, blame, I...
wonder, why am I living this lie?
I blame myself for this behavior,
Cooped up in my own container.
With my gentle grin, I stare at the sky;
A tsk then follows under watery eyes.
Stars begin to stretch with my tears;
It is time to release my lonely fears.
But, oh my sweet sweet holy holy hell...
what makes you so sure I'm gonna yell?
I'm listening...
I now wish to opt out.
I'm trembling...
Can you get me out?
© David Joel Rodriguez
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This is truly a wonderful piece from front to end and from front again and to end again. '11 Under Pressure' is definitely one to showcase, it will be in the recollection of the mind of many for years to come. Thank you for placing this esquisite piece in my mind. I appreciate the effort that you have taken to write this. Please feel free to comment my works as well.